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American Juggalo


Some fine banter in this short documentary. Possibly one of the most fucked up things I have seen and bear in mind I come from Glasgow, Scotland.

Oh and Woop Woop is my new catchphrase


Magnets man...Magnets.


Can I get some more details before I click on this?


That was....interesting lol. I love the pregnant chick talking about raising the next generation while smoking haha.


Think redneck hillbillys on acid trying to be philosophical.

Edit: Just a documentary on how they view their lifestyles.


Add to this the fact that they say fuck or motherfucker every second word.


Lol, I watched it all.

That shit's ridiculous.

EDIT: 22:06 for the important part of the video.

Double Edit: Video is decent, though, didn't mean to imply it wasn't.


I think they are Insane Clown Posse fans?

Such a weird subculture.

The music is the equivalent of going home and finding your mum riding 8 of your mates into battle.


I know a number of juggalos.....good people. They have a lotakty to each other that I havent seen in any other group.


Yeah I think the video potrays that pretty well.

"I've got alcohol, and i've got explosives. Lemme show you how great i am."


So if you're from Missouri and don't know to cook meth, this is your (only) other option.





Poor, stupid white people just wana feel like they belong somewhere. As does everyone to a degree


Haha wow. Best summary ever.


Blondie looks WAY too cute to be a juggalo loser.


How do they work?


That's how.


That video left me a little sad.


LOL at the guy who is a hell of a cook who wants to get a skinny girl fat so they could lose weight together, for a bonding experience. I wanna take a shower after watching that.


Lol, right? The whole video was trash after trash, but I had a total double-take when I saw her, haha.