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American iggnorance

watched rick mercer’s talking to americans today on my computer, dunno when it originally aired…buy boy does he make americans look stupid, are americans really as dumb about canada as mercer makes them look?

Yes. We’re fucking idiots.

Hey, we have enough to learn about America, without worrying about America Junior.


You’re refering to Isreal, right nephorm? hehe

I love when people employ misspellings and improper grammar to decry others’ stupidity.

What’s Canada?

Zev, I particularly like the title of this thread.

America Jr? I can’t remember the last time soldiers from an American state marched to Washington DC & burned it to the ground. Does anyone know how the White House got its name? It got painted over with white paint to cover up the soot/charring. & last time I checked, Canada was a British colony, not an American one.

oh, sorry i didn’t use proper grammer and that i made some spelling mistakes, big fucking deal eh?

You’re right, most average Americans don’t know much about Canada and its history, much in the same way that most average Canadians are ignorant about America’s history. My gf is from Canada, and she knows nothing about American history. In high school she was learning about Canadian history, and I was learning about American history. Makes sense right? Is there any point to this idiotic post?

For us Americans, I have done some research. Apparently Rick Mercer is some Canadian comic who does a bit where he asks people on the street easy questions to which they often don’t know the answer. This IS a funny bit. In fact, Jay Leno and Howard Stern have been doing it for the last 8 years or so. So Mercer has his own twist on it, but it’s certainly not on original idea.

Jerome, I sincerely hope you read the Vocabulary Lesson thread and are alluding to it.

What Zev and I found funny is that while you sincerely questioned the intelligence of the American people as a whole that you couldn’t use better grammar than the common American 10 year old. We don’t expect perfect grammar, nor do we use it, but the irony of the situation was too much to pass up.

Alls I know is you guys make syrup and “The Mountie” was a disgrace to the Intercontinental Championship belt.

MBE: “How can he be wrong when he’ll just bite? Since 1088.”

I won’t bad mouth candians. Some of the canadian leaders made some great speeches and stood by us when everyone else turned their back or mocked us. One of the most inspirational american pride speeches was spoken from a canadian official, to top it off it wasn’t one he had written down, it was one he spoke when he had heard enough badmouthing.

I consider canada a brother, a little brother that we can tease and pick on, but a brother none the less. One that we can call buttbreath and make fun of the word “ay”.

But if canada ever needed it, I think America would gladly open an all- american-can-o-whoopass in canadas defense.

Well. All I can say is that ever since geography was dropped from most school programs things have suffered.
Must admitted I should know more about Canada, being that my mother’s side of the family came from Scotland to Canada, then moved south just in time to catch a bullet in the battle of Concord.
Best of Luck.

Hear!Hear! UNI!..

Mercer’s bit’s are all predicated on the “so have you stopped beating your wife yet” style of questioning…not clever, not original and unless YOU are the stupid one, not believable. Do you believe that Canadians could not be tricked the same way?

Must be nice to be so smug.

"Common sense is not so common.


Say, meet “joke.” “Joke,” meet Say.

Say, say, you can say “joke,” right?
Very good!

CANADA… Don’t make us come up there

Oh, come on now, I’m not saying all Americans are dumb, I posted because I thought some of you would prove that you wern’t dumb of Canada. As far as the program I originally referred too, Mercer asked some pretty dumb questions and I am confident that I could have answered them if they had been about American. “Congradulations on your first university Canada!” Now now people, Canada has more land space than America, I think we have more than one university. Another example, Mercer led someone to believe that we Canadians voted with pine cones, get real, and another thing, we have more than 11 people in our whole country…gees…this is the kind of stupid stuff I was referring too. (And just in case, good for you if you can find some mistakes in my post).

Jerome, I’d actually be shocked if anybody COULDN’T find errors in your rambling post.

What was your point again?