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American Idol!

I haven’t been watching for a while. I’m curious if the big guy has eatten the little guy yet? Thanks. nkeago. :slight_smile:

Laurel and Hardy? Sorry, but that is what I thought every time I saw them together. Glad they had a tribute to so many talented musical artists.

Metaphorically speaking, yes, he ate Clay.

Actually, the top three this year were all outstanding. They all could record with sucess.

However, Ruben did win, but by only 1300/24 million votes! Not to worry though, Clive Davis has said they’re already recording them both.

Actually I was just trying to be funny. I couldn’t careless who won. I just think Clay is a freak!!! :slight_smile:

Being stuck watching the last episode with my girlfriend, I couldn’t help being struck with the thought that every single guy that tried out for that show was in serious need of an ass-kicking and testosterone replacement therapy. I have bever seen so many limp wristed, soy eating pretty boys in my entire life. I couldn’t tell the guys form the girls. TC is right. Real men are seriously endangered.