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American Idol

Shame me if you wish, but those who know me here on the boards knows that pooh has a passion for music.

So with that being said, who’s everyone calling to take the title this year? Rubin? Clay? One of the girls?

There’s certainly more talent this year. Your thoughts/flames? Be gentle.

Pooh you dirty bastard how could you watch american idol!! Just kidding, I have been watching it too occasionally. I would have to think it will be either clay, ruben or Joshua. Joshua might be the least likely because they are looking for a pop star not a country singer. In my opinion Josh is the best singer even though I do not like country.
:wink: Groove

Who got kicked off last week, out of curiousity? I happened to miss it.


Oh, how I love not having TV. :slight_smile:

Julia got kicked off…not that I watch it :wink:

Sure Reef…and you didn’t inhale right?

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Joel, yes, it was Julia DeMato. Thank God. She sucked in my opinion.

Groove, Joshua? I think he’s pretty average. I like Clay or Ruben. Ruben’s “A Whole New World” was too amazing. Clay though has the best voice of the group, hands down.

Shame we had to lose yet another attractive person (that one girl on the wild card show was pretty hot too). Her problem was that she doesn’t know how to pick a song that a) anyone cares about, and b) that she can sing well. This was the problem of most everyone else who got kicked off as well.


Personal I like Ricky I don’t know why… I think its because he looks reminds me of Professor Clump… Although Rubin is good too. Competion is tougher this year.

Your correct Joel. It is all about song selection.

Fitone, I agree. Ricky has a smooth voice and he’s humble.

“Her” meaning Julia, the other hot chick just wasn’t talented.

Rueben has the talent and the personality to match. Almost any of the top 10 this year could hold their own with last season’s winner Kelly. Clay sounds great but almost the same each week.

although in the end I have know idea why but I think Kelly Clark will wind up being the winner… I think she’s sleeping w/ Simon…

I hope it doesn’t happen I turely think that Ricky, Rueben, Clay, and even that Marine corps guy I fogot his name is a better pic then Kelly…

sorry, I meant Kimberly Caldwell I think… Okay Joel let me have it…


Personally, I can’t stand Carmen Rasmusen and I hope that she is voted off every week. She rates up there on my “All-Time-Annoying-Rality-Show-Person” with Amaya from Real World:Hawaii and that freaky chick from the second bachelor who thought she was in love with Aaron in about 2 seconds. Mmmm…psychotic.

But Brent, would not say she is oh so hot?

On a scale of 1 to 7, I would give her a 3. She also needs lessons on how to put on her makeup. Unless she is going for the “American Idol Cheap Whore” award every week and if she is going for the award, kudos to her. She would be my choice hands down.

Well, looks like 2 of the finalists have been arrested before. Corey Clark http://www.thesmokinggun.com/doc_o_day/doc_o_day.shtml and Trenyce http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/trenyce1.html. They need to bring Frenchie back! haha

Since I posted last, looks like they have kicked Corey Clark off of the show. From Yahoo News:

Fox said in a statement that Clark “withheld information about a prior arrest which, had it been known, might have affected his participation in the show.”

“Due to his failure to disclose, compounded by an error in a police report which misspelled Corey’s name, the incident was not discovered during a background check,” Fox said. “The producers and network feel that Corey’s behavior warrants his disqualification.”