American Horror Story

anyone watch this show? Just watched all of season 1 over the weekend. Damn good stuff.

Yes! It’s an excellent show. Have you seen the first episode of season two yet? Very different from the first season but very well done. The focus is more on Jessica Lange this time. If you like asylums, murder, the afterlife, nuns and crazy doctors that perform questionable experiments on people, you will love it.

I’m tempted to wait out season 2 till it’s over, but doubt I will.

I would assume season 2 is on a whole other topic?

Yes, season two is an entirely different concept. There will be some returning characters from season one but they play different people. Jessica Lange isn’t Constance this time, she’s a sicko nun who runs an insane asylum. Also, it takes place in the 60’s. I don’t want to spoil it for you so I will just say that I loved it and we seem to like the same shows so, I think you should check it out.