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American Horror Story on FX


The season finale is on Wednesday. Who else will be watching? The last two episodes have been total curveballs, so I'm expecting the last one to be pretty good.


i will be watching...


I'll definitely be watching. It's been renewed for a second season, and I'm going to be really interested to see where they take this.

That damned house is getting seriously crowded.


Really stoked for the finale, and for next season.

I'm not gonna lie. I miss seeing the maid in her more youthful form.


^^^ You know that the hot maid does a whole bunch of the female celebrity impersonation voices on Family Guy? In the credits she's "Alex Breckenridge"

Seth MacFarlane must pick out the hottest voice actresses in known history.


I wonder what the 2nd season will be like. I'm not sure if the dad will live or not (most likely not). I think it would be cool if he killed Constance and made it out alive, and then returned in the 2nd season to warn the next family that moves in.


I was fucking floored last week when violet was actually dead, my wife saw it coming I didnt see it at all. Excellent show.


Same here. When the exterminator went in to check out what was causing all the flies I was like, "gahd demmit show me the body!!!". Lo and behold it was Violet.


and it was gross as fuck..awesome!


She was exquisite. I'll miss the sexy outfit and the innuendos talk.




Believe it or not, made by the producers from Glee. True story, great show so far


I watched one episode and it seemed cheesy. Even for me. I'll give it a second chance.


FX is a great network period...so many awesome shows.


Dang I had to cancel my FX. I wonder if I can get the series on Netflix?


I watch it on Hulu


I'm hoping she'll return in the second season. I would love to see tempt and spew innuendos to some new homeowners.


Whats HULU?


^^^ hulu.com -- it's a website that features an enormous number of television shows, domestic and foreign, including shows running today and shows that ran years ago. Most of it is free, though there are commercial breaks -- though not as many commercials as are on television! It's a hell of a lot of fun, especially when you find an old TV show that you forgot you used to love!


Awesome season finale is awesome.

Now we know where Dexter REALLY came from...