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American History X +juice


whats up everyone, I just got done watching American History X(great flick),and was wondering peoples thoughts on if Edward Norton juiced for this flick?Damn he is one jacked mofo for always being such a skinny bastard.....


No I don't think he was playing with the chemistry. That's just what a good trainer/dietician and nothing but time can do for your physique. Ever see Nicholas Cage blow up in a couple of movies and then go back to normal...remember Raising Arizona.


I heard that he did in fact hit the AAS for the film, which is not surprising since many actors rely on AAS when trying to beef up for roles.


I read an interview where Norton said that he knew he could get there physically because of his college athlete days. I didn't buy it. I think aas.


You wouldn't happen to think everyone that is bigger than you juices would ya? Just a curious inquiry.


yeah i have suspected AAS as well, i read in an interview that even Arnold called Norton and asked if he had juiced..also heard that he hated all the training and eating...


No i dont think that way,i understand that alot of people pay their dues in the gym and with the fork and knife,i also understand that people may have great genetics on their side..this post was just to get other peoples opinions on this matter.....


who gives a shit?


Jacked up or not, that was one bad ass movie. The guy is by far my favorite actor...Rounders, People Vs. Larry Flynt, Primal Fear, American History X, and who could forget Death to Smoochy?

"You can't change the world, but you can make a dent."

Smoochy the rhino


I hope that Norton lied to Arnold since apparently he never told anyone the truth when they asked him about his training, etc.


Hollywood wanted a look. They got it. If chemicals were necessary, they surely paid for it.

Considering the small price of steroids in proportion of the budget, and the RESULTS (visible and fast), if I was a Hollywood exec, I would consider it just another tool to get the job well done.

I am sure he hit the juice. By Fight Club time, he had deflated back to his normal size (maybe not to piss off or kill Brad Pitts aura too, but thats just speculation).


Don't care. It was a good movie regardless.


oh my..
For some odd reason I have seen some of the Death to Smoochy movie you talk of. and even now it is conjuring up bad memories...

What an absolutely terrible, horrendous, movie :slight_smile:


Dan thats a good way of looking at it that i never really thought of....by the way Fight Club also another in my top 10 list killer movie!!


I don't think so, he had a year to train for the movie, as far as fight club and him being smaller, well just because movies were released back to back doesn't mean they were filmed back to back sometimes as many as 2 years go by before the release. bad example but look at Gigli it was was filmed in 2000 and released this year. But as far as him juising my opinion is I don't think so but he could have, I still love the movie, even though I was the only white guy in the theater when I watched it.