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American Hegemony

What are your thoughts regarding America’s place in the world order?

This is my opinion. American primacy is the most beneficial balance of power in the history of international relations. If some of the more idealistic posters on this forum had their wishes fulfilled, America would indeed commit preemptive superpower suicide. The world would see the return of war among rising powers as they jostle for power; the retreat of democracy around the world as authoritarian Russia and China acquire more clout; and the weakening of the global free market economy, which the United States created and supported for more than sixty years. This is the same free market that isolationist libertarians would have us abandon by allowing American influence to wane. We’ve seen this before in the breakdown of the Roman Empire and the collapse of the European order in World War I. The American world order is worth preserving at great cost, both in blood and treasure.

Yeah well that’s all fine and dandy…but the enemy within is ten times more
deadly than the enemy at the gates…we are treating each other in public and
in the workplace such disregard for each other we’ll eventually collapse one day,
maybe not as soon as some conspiracy sites claim, but if we don’t get our shit together
and not have a change of heart more than a change of head…we’re done.
And any cursory knowledge of mass psychology and history has already proven when this happens, it will be swift, violent, and irreversible.