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American Gyms?

OK I’m fairly new to weight training and bodybuilding and will soon be moving from germany to Spokane Washington. I’m wondering if anyone can help me with the choice of gyms there are in America.

I know there is a Golds and a 24 hour fitness there. Here I train at an old scholl mens only bodybuilding gym and if at all possible I’d like to continue training at the same type of gym. If the 24 hour gyms there are anything like the ones here I would really like to try and steer clear of them…

edit I guess my question is actually- are either of these chains worth looking at or is better to try and find something smaller?

It depends on what type of training you’re into. If you like frat boys doing preacher curls and flexing in the mirror, public gyms are great. But if you actually like to work in the gym, smaller, independent gyms are usually better, where people know what they’re doing and it’s a serious atmosphere. Public gyms aren’t all that bad though, just don’t go during rush hour.

Thats pretty much what I figured. The gym I go to know is awesome because its all bodybuilders and athletes. I guess a place like that probably wont do much advertising online though so I’ll just have to keep an eye open once I’m out there…

i live not too far from spokane, in oregon and go to a 24 hrs and the membership is as mixed as can be…we have regular people, families, teens, college kids, powerlifters, boxers, ufc style fighters, runners, wrestlers, male and female bodybuilders, and even breakdancers…yeah there’s a couple members that annoy me, but i think you are gonna find that anywhere…in my opinion, as long as there’s a bunch of weights, and a couple people you get along with, just concentrate on your training and don’t worry about anyone else…

unfortunatly unless you find someone in that area that can point you in the right direction your going to have to train at one of the big chains for awhile.

In my experiance Gold’s have more free weights and a better atmosphere.