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American Football


Hello, I?m 14 and I?m thinking about testing American football. But I have some questions :

-about how much does a 14-16 year old american football player bench ?
-How fast do most run 40 yard dash ?


Sorry, but you can't get a straight answer on that one. There are to many variables.
Do you know what position you want to play? Have you any experience on the gridiron, either watching or playing?
If you don't know what position you will play, post your stats- height, weight, 40 yard time and bench. Are you atheletic? A fast guy, a good catcher or thrower, a heavy guy who hits hard?
Way back when I was in high school, are linemen were expected to bench 250lbs +. I ran a 4.9 and I was one of the faster lineman. The skill positions had different numbers.
Remember, numbers don't make the player. You can have a guy strong with weights, but for some reason can't hit hard. You can have a guy fast on the track but can't cut and turn. Coaches will look at how hard you play and how much heart you put into it (Watch the film Rudy to see what I am talking about when I say heart).
So tell us a little more about yourself, and what you would like to do with the game. I hope you can find some help here.


thanks alot for that post =)
about 180cm
weights about 72-74
long time ago I maxed bench, I maxed 60 that time.
Run speed, I?ve never tryed 40 yard dash but last year I made 60m on about 8.2sec, I?ve improved some this last year but I still want to get much faster. I want to play running back as that seems to be my strenght, to avoid people. I?m quite atlethic and have done sports my whole life but it was never as serious as it is now.


if your fourteen just get involved with the JV team, theyll put you in a position, JV is all about playing experience and youll learn alot doing it but yah definately go out and give it a shot, we also need to know what grade your in, what size school, and all, most of the small guys on my team bench about 135 but they are the bench warmers, everyone who plays is around the 200s and up but if you really want to get good and turn some heads SQUAT SQUAT and SQUAT. If you can squat and powerclean you can tear ass in football. Honestly, bench press is pretty useless in this sport unless your a lineman because in every position all your power is coming from your legs.


Go for it and have fun.


realy good comments folks <3


Give it a go and see how you do. After that you can get an idea of what you need to work on, whether you made the team or not.


Most 14-year old American football players can barely run straight. Just get out there and play.


there is a book called complete conditioning for football that was written by the strength coach at nebraska. It has tables in it that tell you what should be expected for 40 times and bench and all that. go check it out next time you're in a bookstore


Just play and have fun!


a 4.8-4.9 40 is just above average. My best was 4.95, and I was mostly 5.0. Slowest was 5.7 when I first started at 14.


dude just go out and play. At no age, but especially at 14, are weight room numbers and 40 times more important than being a crazy go out and hit everyone kinda guy. Just watch a lot of football. Try to develop good instincts, and hit everything you see. You'll be fine.


Great advice. Once you get into HS, the weight room will be part of your routine on the team.


Just out of curiosity, how much American football is played in Sweden?


I dont know alot about that but we do have a league atleast , however , I woudnt say that american football is big in sweden, the two main sports most swedish childs / grownups play is probably soccer and ice hockey.

there is a U16 league which means under 16 , people under 16 can be on this one. there is also u19 and senior.
Well, there is even one for small kids 10-12 which is called "pee-wee".

Evryone, thanks for the advice. I wanted to ask these questions since I wont try playing it untill it?s summer, (still mass snow here) and I want to know what I shoud aim for. <3


Hey buddy hows it goin I started playing football when i was your age and it honestly changed my life. The friendships u form, the strength and size u gain, the pure fun and history of the game itself, everyhting about it is great. So I wish u the best of luck and I hope u realize how much better of a person American football will teach you.

In responce to your questions about strength and speed i woudlent worry about it just start lifitng and running and trianing and it will seem like not much will come of it at first but after u train for a while and get everyhting down u will start to see your geme stepped up. But first things first just be sure to get a good teacher for your lifitng and training because it takes a good foundation to build a house. but even before all that just learn the game, try to expose yourself to it as much as u can.

If you have any questions or anyhting about football then dont hesitte to send me a personal message. Good luck man, -TK-