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American Football Training Log



I play american football in EU.
Season ends in July, starts April.

Age: twenty something.
181cm / 86kg

My training log here with posts only about 5/3/1 excluding all the on field parts (3 times a week, now non equipped, conditioning etc, from end of Dec there will be helmets and I think month later helmets + pads).


July - September: 5/3/1 Boring But Big Challenge

Cool thing, great results in terms coming back to training after the season, good body composition gained.

October: 5/3/1 + FSL

Less volume, more intensity, good to not have such doms as after 5x10 squats/deads from BBB challenge :slight_smile:

November: 5/3/1 + FSL + Joker

Added some 1 rep Jokers on top of 5/3/1 sets but to be honest not many.

At the end of November I`ve checked 1 rep max at the moment (with a slight amount of weight I think I could add, so like RPE@ 9 - 9,5)

High bar squat: 145kg (I think those 3-5kg could be added here)
Military press: 65kg
Deadlift: 180kg (here I`m having a problem cause my conventional deadlift looks more like a clean deadlift…)
Shoulder width bench press: 120kg (pushed 125kg but due to fact my collegue put fingers under the bar I assume this as no no)

Others which not were maxed:

Power clean around 100 - 105kg
Clean 115kg - 120kg
Jerk around 100 - 110kg

Plan now (I`m following the 2:1 or 3:2 rule of Anchors and Leaders - try to :slight_smile: )

Whole December and half of January: Building The Monolith (2 cycles = 6 weeks) with 0,85% TM.
Deload 1 week
From mid January till end of February: 5/3/1 BBB (I found this working well in terms of body composition)
Deload 1 week
Whole March: 3/5/1 + FSL + Joker
Deload 1 week
Than in in-season: 2 x week, 5/3/1 MP + DL & 5/3/1 BP + SQ



sq: 5x5x 115kg
mp: 50+ amrap - 10x50 - made a mistake, should be 5x50 and 42,5 amrap
chins: 100 made between warm up, squats and military press
facepull: 100
dips: 110

training was made on tuesday 28/11 sore af but didn`t have any impact on football training


Dl 3x5x140

Bp 5x5x90
Tbar row 5x10

Curs 100

Dl easy, started doing 1st time sumo, feels very light.
Bp last two sets, 5th rep felt, tris fried after dips…
Curls dem pump.



sq 5x115 + 20x55
mp: 10x5x40
chins: 5x5x15
seated cable rear delt fly: 100 reps
seated shrugs: 100 reps

sq ez / 20reps ez
mp ez
upper back nice pump

easiest training day of the week



sq: 5x5x 107,5kg
mp: 47,5 AMRAP - 11x 47,5 + 20x 35 - made a mistake second week in a row, f me…
chins: 100 made between mp/facepull/dips
facepull: 100 with chins
dips: first 20 with chins, than solo, made like 140 - 150

sq ez
mp ez
chins ez
facepull ez
dips omg, after 100 it`s getting harder and harder to hit sets of 10 keeping minimum rest (reps 8-10 pushed hard).

weighted myself after one week, +1kg (87) :smiley:

goal is to hit 90 before end of the year and before getting into full eq.
weights are light but I`ll comment after 2x cycles (6 weeks) :slight_smile:



sumo dl 3x5x130

bp 5x5x82,5
db rows 5x10x20

curls 100

all easy…



sq 5x 107,5 + 20x 65
mp 10x5x30
chins 5x5x20
cable rear delt fly: 100 reps
shrugs: 100 reps

weight + another 1kg, so it`s 88kg now.

all those training besides the pump dont feel heavy, Im waiting for week3 and adding kg to TM…


In for progress and because I wish I could play football.



sq 5x5x120
mp 5x52,5 + 20x 42,5
chins 100 reps
facepull 100 reps
dips 150 reps



dl 3x5x 145
bp 5x5x 97,5
lat pulldown 5x20
curls 100 reps



sq 5x 120 + 20x65
mp 10x5x 42,5 + 100 reps band aparts
chins 5x5x10kg
shrugs 100 reps

weight in as every wednesday: + another 1kg, so 89 now :slight_smile:



TM up.

sq 5x5x120
mp 5x52,5 + 21x 42,5
chins 100 reps
facepull 100 reps
dips 150 reps



dl 3x5x 145
bp 5x5x 97,5
lat pulldown 5x20
curls 100 reps



sq 5x 120
mp 12x5x 35 + band pull aparts 100
chins 5x5x10 + shrugs 100
snatch power shrugs 50



sq 5x5x 112
mp 5x 52,5 + 22x 40
chins 100 reps + band pull aparts 100 reps
leg extensions 100 reps
dips 150 reps



dl 3x5x 130
bp 5x5x 90
seated machine row 5x20
adductor/abductor machine 100 reps
curls 100 reps
plate lateral raise 2x10kg
leg raise 2x20



sq 5x112
mp 4x5x 35 + 11x5x 40

  • facepulls 100 reps
  • chins 5x5x 0kg, 3x5x15kg
    snatch power shrugs 100

bw at 90kg



sq 5x5x 124
mp 5x55 + 21x 44
chins 100 reps + band pull aparts 100 reps
leg ext 3x30
abd/add 3x30
dips 150 reps


Due to fact on day 2 I should be doing heavy bp 5x5 Ill leave 5/3/1 and start doing WSB. The schedule of season was changed a bit and were starting earlier than I thought so it`s time to incorporate more heavy lifting + dynamic days.


w1/d1 ME Upper Body

bench press up to heavy 3: ramp 3x 40-120
incline db press: 10x 16, 24, 27; 8x 33
horizontal std row: 4 sets
cable rear delt flies: 100 reps
curls: 100 reps
ab pulldown: 3x20

after gaining few kg, everything seems lighter, as for example 1 rep max for bp made for 3 with a bit in the tank.
all training was made in power saving mode due to doms on shoulders (2 days ago MP + dips) and feeling a bit sick…
added some things that I felt very good in 5/3/1 (like 100 rep for light accesory - rear delts or curls with an empty bar)
well see how the weights will go for squats, I assume Ill do some lighter high bar squats due to pulled hamstring.


w1/d2 DE Lower Body

box jump 5x3 (70cm box + 2x 15kg eleiko plates)
wide stance squat to box below the knee 5x3x 90kg
sumo deadlift with red band 6x3x 70kg
romanian deadlift 3x12x 50kg
back extensions 3x20
kettlebell squat 3x10x 32kg
pull throughs 3x20 red band

still sick but felt much better after.