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American Football: Preparation


Hey I am british and am going to uni this year, and i want to start playing. what test can i do to see what position i am suited too?

thanks pete


An American university? What school? It's not really possible to just walk onto a team without experience... You could look into intramural clubs though.


no english, and i play alot of rugby.


Unless you're a kicker!


hehe. yeah-you've got me there


no i'm a winger, we take the most punishment on the field. and yes i can catch a pass btw use to pass a american football around after practise.


What's your size and speed like? And lateral movement?


176 at 6'1. 100m 12.2secs and not done any laterial speed test.


You sound like a wide receiver, really. With more bulk, maybe a cornerback. Do you prefer to run fast and avoid the hits or dish them out?


100 m speed is irrelevant in football. What can you run 4.5m (~5 yds) in? How about your reflexes and your 18 and 36m shuttle times? That will tell us a lot more. Just judging by your size though, I'd say you're limited to either WR or CB. Maybe FS if you were a little bigger. Remember though, there's a LOT of technique involved with football. It's a savage sport, but it's not as mindless as it appears to the untrained eye.


i know it involves a lot of skill and thats why i want to play it. if a bleep test scores any good its 13. and i like been hit, hitting anything.

weights not really a problem for me i can gain 2lbs a week normally.


Well Pete, I think that you are most suited for wide receiver or defensive back - more specifically cornerback.

Your coaches will have a better idea of which side of the ball your skill set fits best on. The best thing you can do now is just continue preparing yourself mentally and physically. Does your season start in the late summer/early fall like it does here in the States?


If you really think you can put on some more weight, I would try out as a defensive back, there is truly nothing like laying a crushing hit on someone...and at 6'1, if you could get up to 200 without sacrificing speed too much I'd look into the safety position...

good luck...

what universities over there have American football teams? is it getting more common there?


This is all very true, but remember it also depends alot on how competitive the competition is...not sure how UK schools stack up as far as football teams go...


Well we're no way as competive as over in the states, but its like any sport if you play it you want to win at it.

Yeah more uni's are getting af teams both of my cities uni's have teams. But I come from the steel city.


I would agree. Wide receiver seems like it might be good. And if you can add some size maybe cornerback.