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American Football Player QB First Cycle

Never have done a cycle before or any type of prohormones before.

Height: Just under 6 feet

Bodyweight: 200lbs in the mornings pretty unstable bodyweight though. Just did a huge cut used to weigh about 228lbs to 230lbs at my highest point last year. Still was pretty athletic at that weight.

Bodyfat right now: 15% or maybe a little bit lower. I have an extremely hard time keeping bodyfat down.

Age 20 (almost 21). Yes way too young for AAS but unfortunately I got a small window of opportunity to make a dream a reality and I decided that the risk is worth the reward so I need to know how to do them safely as possible. I also need some help to heal up some injuries that seem to not go away.

No drugs, Zero alcohol. A lot of my life revolves around training. Been lifting weights since grade 8 (so started at 13/14 years old). Never ever had break and only missed sessions due to exams, sickness, or injury. I didn't learn how to train properly until 3-4 years ago though. I have benched over 300lbs and full squated over 400lbs naturally.

I am not going to start playing football until early 2013 so focusing mostly on the strength and conditioning aspect right now.

Goals for my first cycle is to gain 10-15lbs of muscle and hopefully lose some bodyfat. Getting down to 12% bodyfat would be nice.

Diet on cycle will be high protein, moderate carbs, moderate fats. I am not going to count marcos or calories or anything cause that just doesn't work for me but my focus of my diet will be clean quality calories. So examples meals would include 6 eggs with toast, 2-3 scoops of BSN syntha mixed with oatmeal, chicken with veggies, subway footlong whole wheat lots of veggies double meat no cheese, etc. Eat about 4-6 meals a day. Supplements include lots of fish oil, super greens, multi vitamin, BCAA etc.

Cycle template

Week 1 to Week 12. Testosterone enanthate at 250mg twice a week (Sunday and Thursday).
Week 2-12. HCG at 250 IU twice a week (Sunday and Thursday)
Week 13 â?? Week 14. HCG 500 IU everyday for 10 days and 4 days before PCT.
Weeks 1-14: Aromasin and letro(will only use letro if estrogen cannot be controlled), Dosage variable
Weeks 16 â?? 19. clomid 50mg everday
Weeks 16 â?? 17: Nolvadex 40mg everday
Weeks 18-19: Nolvadex 20mg everday
Weeks 20-21: Nolvadex 10mg everyday

Testosterone enanthate Cycle at 500mg a week for 12 weeks. (dose split biweekly)
HCG at 500 IU a week (dose split biweekly) and 500 IU everyday for 10 days 4 days before PCT.
Aromasin and letro used through 12 weeks and HCG blast. Dosage will be variable.
PCT: clomid 50/50/50/50 Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10/10

I have pharma quality gear.

How does my cycle look? How should my diet be like in regards to my goals? Any reason not to go thru with the cycle thanks.


Since you are an athlete, you should cycle like one. 3 weeks on at the most, 3-6 weeks off. Use only short esters, like test prop and orals. You can't go wrong with test and dbol and/or tren. Something like 75mg test prop ed and 30mg dbol. That is 3 weeks on and 3 off, 6 weeks total. See how things go and in your second 3 week cycle, add winny in the mix to dry you out a bit and add a bit of strength.

Something like 50-70mg ED would work. And since you are probably going to be tested, be careful about which drugs and esters you use, since if you use deca you will fail every drug test for up to 2 years. No PCT really necessary in this kind of cycles, but if you like, you can use nolva in the time off, but it is really not necessary.


Cycle like an athlete. 3 weeks on, 3-6 weeks off. Use drugs with short esters. If I were you, I would use test prop, dbol, winstrol and tren (not all together). A good first 3 weeker would be 75mg test prop ED and dbol 30mg ED. Take 3 weeks off.

Next 3 weeker add 50-70mg winny ED in the mix. Also, you ocould use tren ace instead of dbol. 35mg ED would suffice. I used 25mg tren ace ED with about 100mg test ED and it worked like a charm.


Cycle like an athlete. 3 weeks on, 3-6 weeks off. Use drugs with short esters. If I were you, I would use test prop, dbol, winstrol and tren (not all together). A good first 3 weeker would be 75mg test prop ED and dbol 30mg ED. Take 3 weeks off. Next 3 weeker add 50-70mg winny ED in the mix. Also, you ocould use tren ace instead of dbol. 35mg ED would suffice. I used 25mg tren ace ED with about 100mg test ED and it worked like a charm. You should eat pretty clean. I would use carbs only peri-workout, if your purpose is to lose some fat too. Also, 0.25mg aromasin ED will help to keep the water gain under control, but I don't think it is really necessary


He says he is not playin until 2013 so probably is not subject to drug tests.

Only advice I have to the OP is no reason to increase HCG dose while waiting for PCT. May lead to more E2 than necessary.

What dose do you plan to start at with Aromasin? I would recommend 12.5 mg EOD to start and changing accordingly.


Taking 12.5mg seems like good starting point. Will probably end up doing that. Do you consider that a low, moderate, or high dosage? I would assume that is a moderate dosage? I would like to be a little more aggressive with the estrogen control(but I do realize that low estrogen and be problematic as well). Blood testing is ideal to determine aromasin dose but I live in Canada so obtaining blood testing is difficult. Maybe I might be able to drive down to the US and get it done.


What does E2 mean estrogen? So your saying I shouldn't "blast" the HCG right before my PCT? And I should keep the dosage at 250 IU biweekly?


I am going to stay away from orals for at least a couple more years(or never). I want to keep my cycle as simple as possible. I want to use the least amount of steroids that offer the most amount of results.

My cycle including PCT will be finished pretty much at the end of the year. I won't be subject to drug testing until mid 2013. The detection time for testosterone enanthate, clomid, HCG, aromasin, letro, nolvadex, are all under 3 months right? Thanks so much for your response.


Oh yea I am a bit worried with HCG "burnout". Is the dosage I am using anyway near to cause burnout (destroying cells in the testes)?


Absolutely will not run orals. Oh yea I want to use the minimal amount of steroids that offer the maximal amount of results. I still want to make sure I will make gains off the juice as well(very important to me). There is a good chance I will not use AAS after this cycle and if I do it will be very infrequent cycles with low dosages.

I am way too young to be using this stuff too and need to consider all physiological/psychological effects short term and long term. Need to be extremely smart about this. Any others please give your insight/contribute anything negative or positive.


If its actually pharma grade, 500mg weekly will be enough. If its underground fake-labeled (much more likely) run 750mg weekly. Even the most honest UGL doesn't make Test as potent as Steris.

Beef up your legs with sled-dominant training and interval cardio. Mass should only really be added for shoulders, lats and core. Weight your training balls very slightly, and your throwing will become super tight. Theyre will be a small adjustment period switching back to regular balls, but you WILL increase throwing range.

If you do add some mass, be sure to tape the shit out of your ankles when you return to the field, you'd be surprised how easy it is to roll an ankle even if you only gained 5-10 lbs.



Detection is not the reason for short cycles. In a longer cycle, you will become very stiff, and if you want your hammies in their place, sprinting should be out of the question. It will be very easy to tear something really badly. I have seen it happen at least a dozen of times. Guys being on PED's for a couple weeks too long, trying to sprint, and every single time at about 40 meters, you see them on the ground rolling in pain. If you don't like orals, then use tren.


^^^"tightening up" sounds like bro science to me, but ok

Regarding your other questions

-Yes E2 is estrogen (there are 3 kinds, but E2 is the one that affects us the most)
-You will not burn out your leydig cells at a small dose of HCG (and I'm skeptical it even occurs at higher doses, but thats neither here nor there).
-No need to blast hcg. Running it at the same dose for the entire period (a dose equivalent to a replacement, or a bit less) is adequate. Blasting is a relic from yester year before guys really knew what they were doing with HCG.

by the way, your handle (braincushing) is hilarious. Unless you really are Brian Cushing, then its probably not very smart haha


Yup. I am well aware of these issues. Will be doing daily mobility circuits, stretching, gradual progression into sprinting/field training, etc. Thanks for your input!


Will not being doing any plyometric, sprinting, etc during the cycle I might add.


Thanks for the tip on the HCG. I will look into it. But just for reassurance again my dosage of HCG is quite low right? I got a lot of my info off bodybuilding oriented sites.


IMO "Tightening up" is common on aas because of dehydration, not the actual compound used.

Everything else has been covered by guys that know a lot more than I do.


Yes 250 iu twice a week is a very low dose. Studies have shown approximately 750 a week to be an equivalent replacement dose, meaning if you did 250 iu 3x/week, you would effectively replicate your body's natural LH signal and maintain baseline testicular output. Since you are on exoenous T, you probably don't need the full 750, but you have a large window to work with.

You start getting into issues when you utilize these retarded 5,000 iu/week (or higher!) protocols...I just have to ask "WHY"