American Crime

[quote]orion wrote:

Unfortunately there is a different problem in Europe where a lot of young wannabe gangsters have no respect for the law whatsoever, because we are very reluctant to imprison them.

So, while I do not think that prison is the answer we must have some way of sending a strong signal that some things are not tolerated.


I think Sikkario had the right idea: young men need discipline and an outlet for aggression, and if they are lacking these things, they likely turn to crime.

Perhaps young punks should get a few whacks with a cane for minor offenses, and a free trip to Army boot camp for more serious crimes. If that doesn’t straighten 'em out, then put them to work breaking rocks for a few years. And who knows? Many of them might make good combat soldiers. If not, the Army always needs people to dig ditches and mop floors.

If they’re going to be getting three meals a day on the taxpayers’ nickel, they might as well sweat a bit for it.