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American Chopper!

For anyone that watches that show, its pretty damn good, Paul Sr. benched 405 pretty handily. Not bad for someone in his late 50’s

That’s not bad for any age.

Very true Roids, very true!

Saw that too but what do you think he squats? He’s a freaking huge ass light bulb.

My friend is a trainer at his gym. I’ll ask him and see if he knows. Sr. was swimming in one episode but I don’t remember if his legs were big or not. His upper body is gigantic though.

Wow that very impressive. I must have missed that episode. Was it on recently??

HHH, last night.

His form was really shitty, his came about 4-5 inches off the bench. He is still pretty strong for an old fart!

His grip was also inside shouder width apart. Almost a close grip 405 bench press for that old fart!

yeah i saw it too. the kicker is that he already trained tricpes first and did a handfull of sets on the bench with about 315. then he just handled 405 with ease. that was pretty impressive!

No getting around it, that is one big mofo… Hard living transferring into hard lifting. Maybe his influence will turn Mikey around.

I bet he is on atleast a .75gram of test a week.

i missed the show,and often wondered
if he lifts and big as he is i thought
he did and damnnnn 405 lbs pretty
impressive for a guy in his 50’s and a
big guy as well have to catch the repeat
i think sat night!!

He’s just a big fucking man. There aint no roids in that body mdog.

It’s also indicative of how one can change their lifestyle. Sr. is in AA. I suspect he may have done some pretty heavy drugs at one time or another also.

Yeah, but what’s his squat an dead?

Who cares what his squat and dead are. He’s a 55+ recovered alcoholic and can press 400+ with ease.

im calling photoshop!

I echo bartonmlee’s thoughts. I always watch and think,"he’s big and he’s got big arms. I wonder what he does for lifting. As for the roids, who knows if he uses, but look at his kids on the show. It looks like the big-boned gene runs in the family.

P DOG it would be calling “After Effects” not “Photoshop” for video!