American Charity Organization?

I found $100 on the street when I visited USA earlier this year. I spent it all on myself, now I feel bad and want to give it to charity, but I thought it should be an American one. Could someone point me to their favourite charitable organization where you can donate online? Something like food for the homeless, and without huge administration fees (some of the highest ranking in google take 50% off the top)

How can you feel bad about it? It’s not like it would magically have found it’s way back into the owner’s wallet. Just give it to a hobo and you can see his reaction when he gets money for a case of beer.

So don’t donate to the top few.
Choose one where your $$ go a long way.
Nice of you to decide to do this.

I regularly donate to:

Make A Wish Foundation

Food Bank

American Vets

One or more of the cancer organizations.

St. Jude’s Childrens hospital.
a hospital for children with cancer.

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.