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American Belligerence ?

My sons, you have not seen belligerence until you read this link. Be forewarned, tears will roll down the face …



I realize this offends your effeminate sensibilities, but most Americans left to right of center are quite protective of their Americanism and get a little pissy when a rag like the Guardian thinks it should get involved in an American election.

For example, what do you think the response would have been if a foreign newspaper tried to convince local voters to vote for Bush?

My guess would be a long list of bomb threats, boycotts, lawsuits, protests in the streets, burning effigies, sign-stealing, innumerable New York Times editorials, a CBS special investigation, a website, a film by Michael Moore, and an entire concert circuit dedicated to shutting down the said newspaper.

You know what’s worse than pre-election whining? Post-election whining.

Is that a mistake or is Limbic actually Lumpy?

No, it’s not Lumpy.

Does anyone remember when the forums were fun?

Bad Lumpy, bad! :wink:

On behalf of America, I’d like to thank The Guardian for helping Bush win re-election.

That link was pure comedy! I wish I had gotten a letter from the Guardian telling me how to vote. This would have been my reply:

Dear Concerned Britons:

I’m glad that you have taken an interest in my country, but I am stricken by an idea. If you are so interested in having a voice in US politics, perhaps you should consider applying for statehood. Our 50th state is way out across the Pacific, and I can see no reason why the 51st couldn’t be all the way across the Atlantic. We already do a lot to provide for your security and economic interests, so let’s just go crazy and take you under our wing, shall we? It’ll be a right jolly time for everybody!

Yours Truly, from Florida


Not Lumpy. My mistake.

Yellow-toothed ?

Chestnuts ?