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America! Putin has the Answer!

It was a message to Lukashenko of Belarus.

“See? I still do it with impunity and you’ll be next unless you fall in line”

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You need to brush up on your Russian Politics!

(And to think you thought it was all because of some bad Borscht! Shame on you!)

"Tests carried out on Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny provide clear proof that he was poisoned with the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok, the German government said Wednesday".

Not sure how accurate. I know a kind of a lot of Jewish people here in Israel, including those who came from Russia, and I can’t say one looks remotely like the African-American guy they have listed as Jewish.

In fact, you’d have to combine the Russian, Latvian, Gypsy, Azerbaijanian and Turkman to get close to what anyone looks like, although if I had to pick one it would be Tadjik.

Jews?! In Israel! What is the world coming to!?

It was a warning to Lukashenko, as I’ve written before. Novichok was used in order to make it perfectly clear who ordered it and who could order it again.



From the Russian-born Israelis I’ve met in Israel, many are opportunistic immigrants that only used the Law of Return to immigrate to Israel and neither look nor behave as Jews.

No, I was talking about the “Jew” in your chart. Doesn’t look Ashkenazi (what you’d expect in Russia) at all.

Regarding your second point, there are some opportunistic immigrants, but typically, their kids join the military (they have to) and, for various personal reasons (e.g, marriage) have an Orthodox conversion in the military. (Something like 98% do.) So they are fully Jewish.

And it’s hardly all. The first wave from Siberia were largely very observant.

The guy from the chart looks like Zelensky to me. Or like Volodymyr Groysman before he got fat. Two best known Jewish politicians from what used to be USSR.


Maybe it’s a question of code switching. Those that I’ve met talked like Russians and behaved like Russians and only when I’d see Hebrew on their phones would I realize they’re from Israel. Oh, and when they complained about being unable to afford an apartment in Israel.

From Birobidzhdan Jewish autonomous area? Those guys were supposed to have been aggressively secular.

That describes America and likely every respected or feared nation in history. Will we ever see a world in which this isn’t so? Considering human nature, the answer is likely no.

What do you think?


Most Americans, including those on this board, believe democracy is the only legitimate form of government. So if he’s popular, shouldn’t he be the guy in charge? (Question isn’t directly to you.)

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