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America: Imagine a World Without Her


Any see the movie and/or read the book? I did both and found them to be very enjoyable. The movie went into bashing Hillary and Obama a little too much where I thought anyone that was on the fence may get turned off.


The World America Made by Robert Kagan is exponentially better.


I saw it and agree with your opinion. Children and young adults are taught in school that America is a mean, racist, sexist, unequal, selfish country. Its nice to see anything in pop-culture that highlights our too-many-to-list accomplishments.


Idiocracy. Nietzsche's "last man."


While the radical left that serve as the book and film's foil are undoubtably incorrect, so too is the author analysis of American history through rose-tinted glasses.


If you want to know what the future looks like for the West I can tell you with absolute certainty:

Think of Nietzsche's "last man":

People laying about pontificating about their gender fluidity, their hair and Kim Kardashian. These are the "Eloi" - now imagine their world periodically interrupted by Eric Hoffer's "true believer[s]" screaming "Allah Akbar!"


Kagan was a one of the guy's associated with PNAC, I think a founder. I think the Russians or someone released audio tape of his wife, Victoria Nuland, telling the EU to go f*** themselves.

Surprising how that organization somehow evaporated after things didn't turn out so well in Iraq.


Kagan was a co-founder of PNAC. Have you actually read any of his work?


No but my stack is pretty large at the moment.

Is "The World America Made" the one you would recommend?

I'd also recommend Odom's "America's Inadvertent Empire" as an alternative viewpoint on much the same issues.


Yes. It's a short, profound work. His "The Return of History and End of Dreams" is also a good read.