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America Becoming A Police State?



Just read this article and though I was deeply disturbed by the Indiana ruling and by the extension of the Patriot Act (which I have been very much against from the start) I wouldn't call America a police state. Now that being said I am seeing more and more that makes me believe that we are heading that way or that the government is readying itself for the result of the economy worsening. I wanted to know what the thoughts of others are.


Our Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves.


I really wish a major non-cable news channel would devote a week to covering these types of cases.


I guess the key to understanding what a police state might look like is how the police treat nonviolent protesters.


We get what we deserve. Maybe the idiiots in this country will wake up one day.


Unfortunately, I doubt that people will wake up until it's too late. It infuriates me when certain laws are passed and people just say "Well I have nothing to hide" or "Well it's for our safety". It will take an extreme situation (hyperinflation or martial law for example) to get people's asses out of their complacency and actually speak out.


Didn't you know the officers were just "protecting" the other people? That's why RT is so great they expose a lot of crap. Problem is people are too dumbed down as exhibited in this clip:


the leader of the free world has more people in prison than any other nation


Thanks for the lead on news , that first video was UGLY, :slight_smile:


Man I am with you 100%.

Off topic but something I find interesting......

Has gov. gotten so advanced that a change is impossible? We talk all the time on here about Americans waking up and standing up to the slow police state being implemented, but I am afraid that a well armed militia doesn't stand much of a chance now days. Not saying we need a revolt, but what if the time comes where we do? We aren't talking muskets and cannonballs here, more like Tanks and Aircraft at the minimun. (Before I get called a loon, I am not calling for a revolt. I just find the topic thought provoking.) Could the American Revolution have happened in today's world?


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Funny, I thought incarcerating criminals was the responsibility of the judiciary as opposed to the President. Sounds more like a 'police state' if you say the President locks them up though right?


I am not sure if you are equating this to Obama locking up people , I would think even if you were a very pro civil liberties person , you would still have to crack heads of your underlings to make sure they represented your policies.

We have never had a President , that ran on a platform of civil liberties. I personally think it is high time :slight_smile:


Tangent: Don't forget who RT is funded by. Just like any other network they'll only show what meets their agenda.

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Who funds RT


The Russian government.


I know it must be tough over there. I mean you can't even dance inside the Jefferson memorial. It must be like living in Nazi Germany only with liberals, minorities and elections and stuff.


I assume ,you are being sarcastic , it is hard to tell, there are so many people incapable of rational thought .

Going on the assumption that you are , I would agree , it is no real loss of major liberty, but what was the point. of arresting those people , as I recall we have the right to PEACEFUL
assembly. I am not sure , but I guess these people are trying to inform you and I that we have cops at this memorial that do not grasp the concept of public service , there is a fine line to good police service and being and being LORD POLICE


The law's the law. Not only did they break it but they broke it with the intention of being arrested then resisted arrest so they could make the cops look bad and whinge about alleged infringements of their liberties. The right to peaceful assembly is not a ticket to be an arsehole. You can't hold a peaceful assembly inside a fire station, in an ER room, inside a nuclear facility or any other number of places that have restrictions on public access. This is not a breach of peoples' rights it's common sense.

Someone made the decision that those who enter the Jefferson memorial have to maintain a reverential atmosphere. Whether you agree with this decision or not is neither here nor there. It's law, it's not a breach of anything and cops will rightly arrest you if you break that law.


From that perspective you might be right.

The problem, however, is that we are not mindless grass-eaters waiting line for the killing floor. Why can't we dance in "the freest country on earth"?