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Ambien will jack you up!


It actually sounds like this dude had kind of a cool night.


I couldn't pay attention to the recording because I was too intrigued with why the girl's foot had the first 2 toes crossed the whole time.


I had an ex that used to send me emails on Ambien.

They were HILARIOUS to say the least.


It's a foot malformation caused by repetitive physical trauma from wearing high-heels. She gunna get bunions...


My current wife, gets amnesia on Ambien, and gets frisky. :slightly_smiling:


Oh god I'm in the library trying my hardest not to laugh...It's like my own Silent Library show.


Video might solve that problem






as well as cause others.


The ex did, too.

I've done a number of odd/funny things after i've taken Ambien.

A guy I work with had a headache and asked his wife for a couple of asprin.

She said she had some in her purse and to grab a couple. Well, he goes and takes a couple of "asprin" then leaves to go to his cousins birthday party at a bar near the cousins house.

By the time he gets to his cousins house, he's having trouble keeping his eyes open, so they buy him Red Bulls to try and keep him awake.

A few minutes later, he's acting "ok" and says he's going home. They thought he was ok to drive..... he wasn't.

About 5 minutes down the road, he swerves to miss a deer and hits a telephone pole. He txts his cousin, who was following him, to come pick him up.

Even though his car was totaled, he walked away without a scratch. His cousin dropped him off at home.

The next morning, he got up to go to the store, couldn't find his car, freaked out and reported that his car was stolen. Obviously, he didn't remember ANYTHING from the night before.

It wasn't until later that he started remembering airbags going off, but not much of anything else.

His wife realized after talking to him, that he took 2 Ambien from a bottle that originally had asprin in it.


Ambien is the fucking bomb.

You don't remember your own crazy shit though.

And don't drink with it. I promise.


Thanks for that. I LOST it at 4:30.


guess that settles it, the power rangers ARE infact too strong for the teenage mutant ninja turtles....

this guy has proof...