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Ambien Dosage Timing


Been having trouble sleeping for a long time. Have often used Benadryl as well as Wine (not both at the same time) to help me get to sleep in the past. For some reason ZMA hasn't helped.

Well, I talked to the Dr. about it and he recommended Ambien and RX'ed me a 30 day supply. For those who haven't taken it before it's recommended that you take the pill 30 minutes prior to your intended time to fall asleep.

Last night was the first night I took it. I took the pill on an empty stomach at around 9:00 but didn't really fall asleep until around 11:00. However once I fell asleep I slept pretty soundly, all the way through my "get up and go work out" alarm at 4:45. Dammit.

I didn't climb out of bed until 5:30. I slept like a stone though and woke up this am feeling well rested rather than wore out, like I'd been thrashing around in bed all night.

Anyone else have experience with this medication? Similar experiences? What's with the 2 hour adsorbtion vs/ the 30 minute prediction on the package insert?

Any assistance you all could provide would be awesome.




I used to take Ambien and I could never dial in the dosage time. Sometimes it would kick in in about 30 minutes and sometimes it would take up to 2 hours. One time I took it and stayed up for about 2 hours watching TV with my fiance and future mother in law and out of nowhere I looked at my fiance and said, "I'm Fucked up". I do not know why it did this to me on that night but it really got to me that is for sure. I probably wouldnt have remembered doing it if she hadn't brought it up the next day. I ended up just taking it an hour before bed from then on out and that worked for well for me.

I definitely had better quality of sleep with it. I always woke up refreshed and ready to go. I stopped taking it though. Now I drink Sleepytime tea and and take my ZMA 30-45 minutes before bed and that works great for me as well.




Are you taking the 5mg or 10mg dose?

I take 10mg, on a moderately regular basis. I don't always have the same reaction. If I am very wired, or if I have had anything caffeinated, it will take me longer to fall asleep, but I will usually sleep okay and get at least 4-5 hours. If I am already somewhat tired but just can't fall asleep, it knocks me right out and sometimes I can sleep for 6-7 hours, which I'm not normally ever able to do.

ZMA seems to improve the overall quality of the little sleep I get, and I enjoy the crazy dreams, but it does not help me actually fall asleep.


I've been off and on it for 2 years. I cycle it with other sleep aids. I never could pinpoint about the "kick-in" time of Ambien.

However if I am on nerves end about something, I noticed it won't help an does take quite some time to kick in.


It's the 10 mg variety, and I was super conservative about having an empty stomach when I went to sleep. Caffiene is only consumed in the AM if at all. I was entirely satisfied with the quality of sleep, just curious about why it took so long for me get into a deep sleep.

I'm betting that part of it was psychosomatic, because I was laying in bed, watching a monotonous ass boring movie (Open Range) and conciously waiting for the medicine to take effect.

The ZMA dreams are a trip aren't they?

Hopefully tonight will be better.

Sabrina, Trailtrash thanks for the input.



I have noticed a wee drop of the single malt will kick the ambien square in the ass if needed. Not recommending it mind you, just an observation.

I can't believe Open Range didn't put you to sleep! Cripes, that movie blows.


ZMA definitely WON'T help you actually fall asleep. It wasn't ever advertized as a sleep agent. However,once you fall asleep it will zonk you right out. I dunno the science behind it, but the effects just can't kick in until after your asleep. I've taken it numerous times, and got called into work before I got a chance to go to bed, and it has ZERO sedative effects. In fact, Im glad for that though. That would suck if it did indeed make you drowzy, since thats an unwanted side effect for us that don't have sleep issues.



Recieved a valuable PM from Cy Willson concerning my, well, concerns.

I appreciate everyone's help on this latest medicinal journey...