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Amber Heard Has the Most Beautiful Face

Amber Heard Has the Most Beautiful Face, Kim K. Has Perfect Eyebrows, According to Science

The face that launched a thousand studies! Amber Heard has the most beautiful face in the world, according to scientific facial mapping software. Dr. Julian De Silva, who runs the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London, analyzed Heard’s face using the golden ratio. This Greek-based number of Phi, or 1.618, represents aesthetically pleasing proportions and is long thought to be the secret of beauty.

The Greeks discovered that the ratio occurs everywhere in nature and for thousands of years it has been thought to hold the secret formula of the world’s most beautiful faces,” De Silva said in the study. Not up on your Ancient Greek philosophy? Think of it as this: If you have features close to the golden ratio, you’ll get plenty of swipe rights.

Would bang…

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Interesting, but I’ve always understood “pretty” to come with symmetry and “beauty” to come with symmetry + imperfection. So a pretty girl (as above) with some sort of unique, startling feature that makes her a stand-out among the many “perfect” faces.

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So… a white girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

She has a masculine chin and her head is too big for her body.

Apparently, she can’t make a decent sandwich either.


And I bet the reason they cropped the photo where they did is because her elbows are really fucking pointy.


Look at her head compared to her shoulders. I bet she’s like a mouse; anywhere her head can go the rest of her body can follow.


Means she’ll never get stuck in railings lol

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mice can squeeze through a hole the thickness of a biro pen. Weird little fuckers

She’s pretty but the most beautiful face? Not with that Irish Chin. Personally I prefer women with a touch of baby fat in the face

Gorgeous. Only a bitch would lie about her husband abusing her though.

she’s a bitch then.

No one has the most beautiful face. There are several that are great. Look at all the different characteristics from each ethnicity. Each have there own ‘most’ faces.
Might come down to taste in the final decision though.

“the most”? No

Very attractive? Yes.

Not really my type though. I’m into the more “I just look like a bitch naturally” look. And Brunettes.

that chick with the weird name who played Xenia in Goldeneye is about as perfect as they come, in my opinion

There is no one attractive enough to lose my daughter over, but this woman comes damn close…


You and I have very different tastes.

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Which is good lol. I don’t need that many dudes chasing after my wife.


You would like the tranny from nip tuck…

(she’s super hot…)

you had me at tranny

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From wiki:
Ava Moore used to identify as a gay man who worked as a professional escort to wealthy older women. Avery was in love with Dr. Barrett Moore (Alec Baldwin), and used his charisma to convince his wealthy female dates to finance Moore’s medical research.

However, to Ava’s growing disappointment, Barrett Moore was a confirmed heterosexual and refused to advance his friendship with Ava to a romantic relationship. Ava fell into a deep depression and, determined to have Moore’s love at any cost, asked the doctor to perform sex reassignment surgery on her. Intrigued, Moore agreed and personally undertook the mission of transforming her “male body” into Ava. Moore’s skill as a surgeon allowed him to turn Ava into what Christian Troy would later describe as “The Hope Diamond of transsexuals; completely flawless in every way.” Ava was happy with her new form and the two married. But problems quickly popped up, as Moore could never truly accept Ava as being a woman and instead treated her like his prized creation. Ava sank further and further into depression. Moore arranged for one of his female employees to become pregnant with his child so Ava could become a mother and hopefully pull the three together as a family.

Ava grew increasingly distant from her husband and ultimately took their child and left in the middle of the night — right before the final surgery was to be performed to make her vagina deep enough to pass as biologically natural. She then began taking young lovers, since Ava believed that younger, sexually inexperienced boys would not be able to tell that her genitals were different from those of most women.

Seems like a lot of drama, but Famke is hot.

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