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Amazon Pedophile Book


Amazon have been selling a book "The PedophilesGuide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lovers Code of Conduct".


It has since been removed from their sellers list but Amazon defended their right to sell this book based on an individuals freedom of expression and non-censorship!

Personally I think its fuckin disgusting and they should never have gone near the book!

Censorship yes! But seriously we/they have to draw a line somewhere!

Imagine a book on how to blow up a plane or a 'how to guide' for terrorists...


In reality just because you're reading a book about something doesnt mean you'll do it. I have a closet full of "murder and rape" books and I've never done either. And, if I ever really intended on doing these things, I wouldnt need a "guide" to carry them out. Likewise, a real pedophile would not go looking for a "how to".


You come across like the rest of the lemmings. This was the author's statement:

I wouldn't mind you explaining to me what specifically you don't want public about the contents of this book.

Are there some specific paragraphs you disagree with or are you one of the people who adores censorship anytime it comes to having a reflex reaction to limited info based on hot button media topics?

Pedophilia is bad. Talking about pedophilia is the only way change occurs...not by pretending like it doesn't exist.


Aw X, this just perpetuates the notion that you disagree with people because you just want a good little fight.

The first thing to help your iconoclastic cause would've been to not call worzel a bloody lemming for holding the view that a book on pedophilia is bad.


X, with the ownange


Your post makes no sense. His personal opinion of a book he hasn't read is irrelevant. I am against censorship based on differing values alone. I thought I made this clear.

I've got Magic Markers.


I am all for free speech....and I think that Pedophilia is the most abhorrent of crimes.

There will be three camps on this issue....

The ACLU (and like minded) folks who believe that absolutely anything that is not obscene should be allowed for sale (I believe that Amazon allowed this book because of it's lack of illustrations which would be considered obscene).

The folks who have had personal issues (or are close with somebody who has) with being molested and cannot fathom how a how-too guide for perverts should be allowed for sale.

And the religious folks who will be similarly shocked.

Amazon is in a tough position.


You don't know what censorship is then.

Censorship would be when you are forbidden forcibly from saying something.

If Amazon decides not to carry that book anymore, that's actually the surest example of freedom. It's their right not to carry that book because they can do what they want without being controlled by the government.

You see? I run circles around you logically.


Amazon should continue selling the book.

At one point the book Catcher in the Rye was being censored because it contained cuss words and went against family values. Who in their right mind would want it censored now?


I have no opinion on the book, not having read it, but Amazon doesn't have to carry it and I don't blame them at all for pulling it. Most people will have a knee-jerk reaction against the book and point at Amazon as the vendor.



It really bothers me the book was written, published and sold. But I'm pretty much anti-book burning.

And X is right, talking about and dealing with things are how they change, not stifling.

As much as it bothers me emotionally, I think I would have to rationally support the "no censorship" camp based purely on my desire for personal freedoms.

Fuck I already hate this thread, lol


No, you don't.

FREEDOM is allowing Amazon to sell whatever books they please without some national backlash that forces them to remove it from their list of sales.

People have the right to buy or NOT buy what they please.


Since Amazon isn't a library or a public institution they should only do what will benefit them financially.


That's probably why they stopped selling the book.


...which is why it was pulled.



Yeah, so I don't see a huge controversy. Although, due to it's content, right or wrong, I doubt there would be a huge outcry if a library or any public institution pulled this book. Most people would be unwilling to associate themselves with this cause I'd think. Although I could be wrong.


Yeah, I do.

Read my post again.

I said Amazon is free to do what it wants. If it feels that selling some book related to pedophilia is hurting sales it can stop offering that book if it wants.


Didn't mention the book's audience as "juveniles" ?

I thought the book was intended for, say, the 17 yo talking to a 14 yo (not that that would be totally appropriate). Or, the 18 yo dating a 15 yo girl (happened a lot at my high school).

Am I wrong?

Also, people forget the outcry over Lolita, which is now a classic piece of literature.

Although, spelling "lighter" incorrectly, I'm not sure how literary the writing of the book is.


Fair enough' you have a point!

If you are reading books about 'murder and rape' in an academic sense then cool' but on the other hand if you are somehow getting off on the idea of it then you're fucked up (not saying you are unless you prove me otherwise :wink: