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Amazon Is My New Go-To For Syringes

Like all of you, I’ve used various places to get my syringes and needles. Lately though, I’ve found that Amazon has a huge selection of 3 mL syringes and needles. On my last order I got syringes with no needles and added 18g and 25g needles separately.

I also just got 100 insulin syringes yesterday for $15 from Amazon.

This is a Public Service Announcement for GearHeads everywhere :slight_smile:

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Have been getting slin pins there. I get the 29 gauge 1/2" ones, and get 100 for about $15 as you say.

I really wanted to get 27 gauge ones for better filling (which amazon did not have at the time except in packages of 10, for around $8), but the test I use now flows much better, so it is not needed.

I only use slin for GH so small gauge is fine. I will say that drawing Test with an 18g is like a garden hose! LOL then I switch over to the 25g

I would think a 25g would draw just fine? Why switch?

Lets just say PATIENCE is not my greatest virtue

Seriously, it takes seconds vs minutes and you don’t have to put a syringe full of air into the vial. Also, I draw from both Mast and Test so I want to keep my needles as sharp as possible.

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This makes sense. The rubber can dull the tip quite a lot (I have seen way zoomed in pictures that show the tip basically bends a bit after one use).

Maybe the test I got is really smooth. Takes 20 seconds to fill 75 mg of test into a 29 gauge needle. The pharma stuff took at least 2 minutes to fill with the same gauge needle.

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I used to use strictly amazon, but they don’t have the exel brand syringes anymore, which I prefer due to product quality and reduced needle dead space. I went ahead and ordered some off brand syringes a couple weeks ago and they sent me the wrong size needles. I am still waiting on my refund after returning them.

I went to eBay and had zero issues with ordering my 3mL syringes with 25ga 1" needles for like $23 for a box of 100 (about $1.50 more than amazon and I think arrived in 3 days instead of 2).

I use a big blunt tip for filling the syringe and switch it up to a fresh, sharp, smaller gauge to use. Has made my life much better. And yeah, Ive been using Amazon for a year or so now for pins. And whey, and about everything I guess.

Definitely, with subscription service, protein shows up at your door regularly. Shit its no wonder Bezos is a kajillionaire, you order almost anything you want online and it shows up on your door in 2 days or less.

Ive just been wiping mine off with alcohol pad and reusing them.


Are you serious, brother? That’s just not good practice. Plus they do get dull with multiple uses

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I think he must be joking. If serious, I have finally found someone cheaper than me.

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With everything going on in the world today, it is sad that someone would have to tell me to not reuse needles. I guess I should stop drinking the bleach. I can get 25 g, 1.5 inch, needle & barrel for a quarter apiece at walgreens.

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I bought slin pins at walgreens before. I would rather pay quadruple the price online, than have to go through their rounds of questions again. The long hair probably doesn’t help me much in these situations.

I mean, people on here have actually asked these sorts of questions/made such statements before. If you were reusing needles, you wouldn’t be the first.

The grocery pharmacies always want the info around here, asking for scripts, what drugs are they for. Walgreens, just bags them up for me. I think a lot depends on area and drugs used in that locale.

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Thats what I get for trying to be funny, trolly. Now, instead of laughs, people are like, Oh shit we got another one.

Good to see you around these parts again Flip. How ya been? Hope life is treating you well.

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Lmao, now that’s funny

Life is treating me about as well as anyone right now, lol.

Honestly I’m struggling less than most overall, but I haven’t been in a gym since February. Doing what I can to eat right, and I’ve recently put together a home gym, so I’m getting back to it!

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LOL me too. However I buy them online for about .25 for syringe with needle in the 100ct. Thats after shipping as they are about .16-18/ea before shipping. I’ve always had great results from the same online shop since 2002.