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Amazing Wrestling Highlight


Great find. Some impressive athletes doing things that 99% of the people can’t imagine the level of proficiency required to even attempt. Sweet.

Great find, those are some skilled wrestlers. Any idea who they are?

Black guy at 0:35 - Daniel Igali

Guy who counters @ 1:56 - Guivi Sissasouri i think

The ankle pick at 3:24 that u can barely see is cael sanderson

The sweet ass foot sweep at 3:28, is daniel igali once again

Cuban @ 4:02 is yoel romero i believe

russian @ 6:48 is adam or bous satiev

most of it is greco so i dont know

You know I am always amazed at the athleticism of wrestlers. Great power, speed, flexiblity, and ability to withstand the punishment of repeated slams. I really start to admire them… but then they cap off the video with 20seconds of some guy dancing to little richard’s tootie fruitie. That’s when it all goes out the door.

You dont find a huge black guy whos probably just won an olympic/world medal dancing to that is funny? I dunno, but some things in life arent ment to be taken all that seriously :stuck_out_tongue: