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Amazing Workout


Today for some reason I felt...."empowered" at the gym. I don't know what it was but everything just "felt right." My body felt like it was made for squatting and the barbell pretty much flew out of my hands when I benched; and I was going heavier than I was when doing the Waterbury Method.

Maybe it's the fact that I took a Spike about 20-30 min before my workout (I love the stuff but it's been hit or miss for other people I've given it too), maybe it was the 1-ad kicking in, maybe it was just switching over to Quattro Dynamo..whatever. I felt great.
I was putting up 320 on squats for 5x3 and it felt a hella lot better than 10x3 at 305. My last rep on that set felt better than my second set on the 10x3 program. I was doing 265 on bench with an 18" grip..and I ended up pausing the bar on my chest b/c it just wanted to "fly" out of my hands! Maybe it was b/c I did the W.M with a close grip before but I feel a ton stronger on bench.
All I know is that in terms of strength gains I'm coming a long way. I know in the last 2 years I've come a long ways...
Spring break of 04 I was a 37" waist at 197lbs, now 34's are loose on me at 203. I feel like I could squat 400 right now; I already know I can deadlift it.
And everytime I bulk it gets cleaner...hell I might not be able to see my abs quite as well anymore but compared to the last time I bulked I'm staying much leaner. And I know any extra adipose tissue I've accumulated I can lose in 2 weeks on the V-Diet..and still retain my strength.

Just gotta love it when everything comes together. I'll post my results in "Harder Side" or a new thread once I'm done with Quattro Dynamo.


Obviously it's because you read Bulking Machine's posts.


You got to it before I did...

Powder, great job. Hope the feeling continues for you.



You're getting in better shape from chasing Foopa. More endurance.


Read my last two posts on "Beat My caption Deuce" in the Pictures section.. :slightly_smiling: