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Amazing Video


amazing the amount of control one can have over their body. i guess that's one good thing about being skinny


Well,someone took happy pills.


he dont look skinny to me, seem pretty lean


What does that have to do with being skinny?


Cool stuff, I love seeing that MANY facets of the body's physical possibilities.

From gymnastics to bodybuilding, it all intrigues me.


That dude's core strength is sick. Check this guy out, at the end of the video he does push-ups without his feet ever touching the ground. Sick.



It says the guy's name is Joe Eigo, and he's a former gymnast who worked as part of Jackie Chan's stunt team. Still pretty cool stuff though!

Thanks for the video!


That guy's strength/dexterity is pretty amazing alright! You're right, those pushups at the end of the video are crazy! Could you imagine doing something like that in the gym?!? People would fall off the eliptical trainers! Cool stuff!


I wish I could do crazy shit like that... but I can't even do a cart wheel :frowning:


What amazing athleticism!


All of this reminds me of that Matrix Ping Pong.


That hurt my knees just watching it.


Cartwheels are a start...

Check out this trailer of Lateef Crowder's from the Martial Arts flick Ong Bak:


Badass Capoeira Regional. I believe he used to be a member of the Men's (or Junior Men's) National Team for Gymnastics (floor and still rings). If you google video his name, you'll get a vid of his floor routine practice--lots of straight-body flips in sequence, among other things.


What an athlete. That's truly amazing.


These guys have some of the best known gynastic/martial artist stunt films on the net: http://www.teamryouko.com/index2.php

Like this one: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-8947518926298275439&q=ninja&pr=goog-sl

Cyril Raffaelli has some amazing stuff: http://kyzr.free.fr/cyrilraffaelli/videos.php
It's amazing that anyone can do this and not wind up in the ER. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6754996130582603902&q=cyril

Speaking of upper body.... gotta love this guy. http://www.break.com/index/lazylegs.html

The "russian climbing" video has seen a lot of rotation lately too: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=515642196227308929


You must be very, very high.


I wish I could find the video online, but Pitt's backup power forward Sam Young did an unbelievable floor routine full of back/front flips, cork screws and the like, across the home court for ESPN's cameras about a month ago. The kid is a rock solid 6'6" 220 and never did gymnastics in his life. Freakish athlete...