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Amazing Strength Video


found this and thought id share it


Hooollyyyyyyyy shit.


I would love to know what these guys do in the weight room. I don't care how much anyone bench presses or squats, these gymnastics guys are the strongest dudes in the world. How the hell do you do that inverted cross thing? Superhuman strength.


Apparently, they do nothing; they've never stepped into a weight room:



strongest guys in the world???

how exactly do you quantify strength then?

do you know of any gymnasts that have cleaned and jerked over 500 lbs.?


DPH makes an excellent point (as usual).

Yes, Gymnasts are strong, but the strongest in the world? What they do takes great skill as well. Hence, you have a mixture of skill and strength.

In many ways this is even more impressive than simply pure strength. However, it is hyperbole to call them the strongest guys in the world, as they are not.

They are strong on the rings (and other Gymansts apparatus). And I'm sure they would be strong in many other areas as well. But compared to others at the peak of their sports: Are they stronger than wrestlers on the mat? Stronger than boxers in the ring? Stronger than a MMA fighter in the Octagon? Stronger than Powerlifters or Olympic lifters?

Are they as strong as Longshoremen? Okay...they are probably stronger than longshoremen....But how about the very best Longshorement performing a working task that he second nature to that Longshoremen...



Good points guys. A lot of people forget that "strength" has so much to do with neurological efficiency. Just as it takes technique and especially repetition to throw a shotput 60 feet, one needs to practice and practice to be a gymnast.


Very impressive but; his RELATIVE strength and that of gymnasts generally, is extremely high...he is also relatively light and has no lower body/leg bulk. He probably weighs about 175 or less. Impressive yes, but not the "strongest"...they probably rate the highest though in terms of relative strength.


How would that athletes relative strength be greater than a 175 pound Olympic lifter?

What criteria are you using?

And I doubt that he is 175. He looks more like 155. Keep in mind his legs are small compared to his upper body.


There maybe aren't a lot of gymnasts that clean and jerk over 500 lbs, but I guarantee there aren't olympic lifts who could do that


That was amazing


aren't a lot? try none...there are no gymnasts that are strong enough to clean and jerk 500 lbs...

you guarantee there are no olympic weightlifters that can clean and jerk 500 lbs?

why don't you put your crack pipe down for a bit and read up on olympic weight lifting...

Andrey Chemerkin has cleaned and jerked 578 lbs in competition...ever heard of him?


He meant that no olympic lifters could do the rings like that.

Why do all discussions of strength here sooner or later degenerate into arguments about which sport has the strongest athletes? It's stupid trying to compare apples and oranges like this and just ruins otherwise good threads.


It's just not right to say any one athlete, is stronger/better/faster than all the others. Although I bet the Gold Medal decathalon winner is one of the best well rounded...

Anyways, I think the reason that people feel that a strong gymnast is so impressive, is because everyone can relate and believe they could have been a great gymnast. So for them, a person that is able to perform these feats of strength using their bodyweight, is more impressive than a man able to clean and jerk 500+ lbs. Not everyone can be the strongest man in the world, they just may not be born big enough. But you take a little kid and show him the ropes in gymnastics or any sport for that matter, and given enough work they may be the next world champ.

To put this opinion in a frame of reference, I was a competitive gymnast when I was young. Now I am an aspiring olympic lifter (my first meet will be in late june).

With that said, I have been training in a powerlifting gym lately, and something has dawned on me. No matter what I do, I will never lift the heaviest weight ever. Now to be honest I don't really mind, because I just love the feeling of lifting. But it is a little disappointing to realize, that I can never be the best out there. Maybe for my weight class or something (not likely haha), but I want to be the best ever. This may be a reason for the lack of popularity in weightlifting (I said weightlifting, not bodybuilding). In gymnastics, its just you and your body and how you control it. Nothing can hinder you but your mind.

Now you could say that I also would never be a NFL running back, and I would probably have to agree with you. But somewhere deep down inside I believe that I could be a good enough football player and be fast enough (yes I would do a lot of lifting to help...) to be the best damn running back they have ever seen.

Wishful thoughts,


well, we can't always just have turbulent political jib-jab...things would get dull fast...

sometimes guys converse about athletic endeavors too (like who's the best baseball player ever, which sport has the strongest athletes, ect.)...

none of it has to make any sense...people simply giving their personal preferences and reasons why they think they're correct...

no need to take any of it personally...

I like oranges better than apples hands down...if you're an apple kind of joe then screw you!

rabble, rabble, rabble!!


Bcos it all boils down the to "my dicks bigger than yours" phenomenon


I like OLifters better for their overall strength. Gymnasts have those tiny tiny legs.


Yeah, oranges are better. I'll agree there. I didn't take it personally, I'm just bemused by it!


I'm pretty sure his neurological efficiency carries over pretty well to the mat.

that said, i'd armbar the freak.



never expected an argument.

i think these gymnastics show greater amounts of relative upper body strength and control compared to any other athlete, but calling them the strongest athletes in the world is just stupid. these guys could not lift a 200kg atlas stone, clean and jerk 500 pounds, squat 800lbs etc