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Amazing Progress, But I Need Help


Hello Jim and fellow lifters,

I have been following Beyond 5/3/1 with jokers and FSL. And i must say, progress has been amazing, i kept assistance to a minimum, only rows, pull ups, abs and lowerback/glute ham raises.
However i need a change of pace, and i need it quickly. I'm trying to pass a physical exam where i need to sprint, run litte over half mile in under 3:30 minutes and jump a 42" wall.
Even though i'm strong, i'm slow as hell and my jump SUCKS.
I have been practicing a lot, but i feel it's taking a huge toll on me, especially after deadlifts.

I don't know how to program my training, and i know i'm probably overthinking things, but i need your advice.
Should i drop heavy DL's and just do squats/bench? How would a training week look like?


Go to a 2-day version of 5/3/1. If programmed correctly, you shouldn’t lose strength or size and you will have plenty of days in between to work on the running and still recover. But, YOU MUST EAT to aid in this recovery. Time alone isn’t enough.

Don’t drop any of the main lifts, they are the base of the whole program. I suggest gettting rid of the jokers. They are not as essential to the overall plan and could get in the way of recovery during this period of frequent running.

Regarding the jumps: Practice will help some, but you won’t find much improvement in a short amount of time. Do 5x3 or 5x5 box jumps at the beginning of every training session regardless of what lift you are doing that day. That might help you get used to getting off the floor.


Agree with Joey on the 2/wk training

If I could redo my training years ago and was in your shoes, I would do something like this which follows a training pattern from some eastern european manuals I read long ago:

day1 - jumps and sprint training
day2 - start with jumps, then 531*
day3 - half mile run
day4 - jumps and sprint training
day5 - start with jumps, then 531*
day6 - half mile run
day7 - active rest

*(lower or upper or full body - that’s on you)

Get some information about plyometric training for the sprints and jumps, it’s easy to mis-train them by doing too much. Just my opinion though (as is everything above really).


Programming the jumps has been discussed and written many times. Please do it as written. I’d just do the main lifts and run.
Your test is not about your lifting so change your perspective. If your test (for example) was your 1RM in the squat and bench, how much running and jumping over obstacles would you do?

Make the right choice. Your ego is preventing you from doing what is necessary.