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Amazing Pride FC Knockout

Now that's the stuff I like to see:


I'm not a follower of Pride FC or UFC or anything like that, but I'll watch it if it's on. Besides professional weightlifting, I'd say that ultimate fighting is almost the definition of a strength sport. I have respect for any guy who puts it all out there in the ring like that, good or bad. I would probably try it out sometime if I wasn't so damn pretty. Anyway check the vid, I thought it was pretty sick.


Damn he powerbombed the guy. I thought that only happen in the WWE.


That was WICKED!


Whoa... kool



One of the very few ways to escape from a triangle choke (once it's locked in).


Rampage is badass but if you watch the slam in slow motion, he headbutts the shit out of Arona.


last ditch effort, by a guy that should have lost. what an ass, the triangle is the first choke you learn. i can't believe he got locked in. unless it was all setup from the beginning. then thats good strategy.


yeah, you're right, that isn't impressive anymore.

Where's that guy who said he would leglock anyone who tried to standup in his guard....bwahahahaha


Chuck Norris? Sorry that's someone else's job.

          tin can


That guy got super functional from not lifting heavy weights. Cleans and deads cannot prepare you for that...only high-rep bodyweight squats.


Ok, even if what you say is true, which I highly suspect it is not, he didnt get the rest of his body strong from pure bodyweight exercises. That's what I was really getting at, that these guys are super dedicated to their sport and are very strong and very fast.


i tried to call him out on that, my trump card was going to be that he thinks he is better than adcc champ ricardo arona


Yeah, everyone learns the triangle first that's why NO ONE is ever caught in one[/sarcasm]. I bet that you avoiding it in BJJ class is the same as avoiding it when a roided up ADCC champion is elbowing the shit out of you while working it in. Also, just so you know he didn't have it completely locked on until Rampage took his arm out to get the slam. Next time try doing a bit of a better job pretending you aren't completely clueless.


I think you forgot to turn on your sarcasm-o-meter before reading his response.



Me: Hi. I'm earth. Have we met?
You (puzzled): No, I don't think so.

Just kidding man. I was trying to be sarcastic. Kind of poking fun at the "funtional" MMA anti-weightlifting crowd on this site. Awesome clip though.


For some reason, that video makes me want to puke. I can FEEL my head smashing on the ground watching it.


Yarr, I get it now. Sometimes it's hard to get sarcasm from little yellow letters.