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Amazing Lifting Video


Hopefully this link still works. Its Olympic Gold medalist (for Greece) Pyrros Dimas making it 'look easy'. Amazing strength, flexibility, and the guys speed is freaky. Anyway, enjoy...



what in the hell was that? damn, man are olympic weightlifter the strongest athletes in the world or what? he made that heavy ass front squat look light, i might have to start doing those exercises using that method.


I liked the video, not in a gay way, not that there is anything wrong with that.


Finally, "he makes it look easy" actually has some meaning. Who the bloody hell does he think he is front squatting like that?

I want to learn O-lifts now.


Awesome! After cleaning and jerking 170 kilos, the way he casually walked the loaded bar with no hands back over to the rack was just plain bad ass!

Thanks for posting that.


I've got this one on my hard drive. Every time I glance at it, I just have to watch it all the way through with my mouth wide open. It's no suprise that this guy has 3 golds and a bronze. I'm going to watch it again.

Just look at him stick those jerks. I wonder how damn hard Pyrros trained to make all of this look so easy.


hmmm how do i save this video?


His bar speed is ridiculous.


I pity the guy who had to clean up the weights at the end of the video.


Um, I believe it's "I pity the fool..."

But yeah, that video was great. I can't wait to try to get that type of speed when I do jerks today. Wait, that sounds bad.

What kind of perv named the olympic lifts anyway? One sounds like something you get on a good first date and the other on a great first date.

"How did it go with what's-her-name last night?"
"Not bad, she gave me a pretty good clean & jerk."


When he did those jerks ,it reminded me of a gun firing a bullet. He did it so fast ,that for the first second ,I had no idea what he was doing.
He pulled/ cleaned that weight with such ease.Was he even trying?
I realise that O lifting isnt about size , but look how small he is, and how strong he is. Thats cruel.
This has to be one of the best posts!
Hopefully you will find others and do the same


Just by watching it, you probably get a copy. Check out your Temporary internet files area. Look for a large .wav file, then move it to somewhere safer (temporary fles get deleted every now and then, subject to your settings).



An easier way to save it. Right click the area of the page playing the video and select proporties. Select and copy the URL then past it into your browser and you get the option to open or save it.


im more of a bodybuilding guy...

but I must give credit where credit is due...

that was Freaking amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

im saving this on my hard drive aswell!


ill upload you guys some more o videos in minute.


Ok saved it... its indeed inspirational... wow... i say again... wow... "blink" the weight is up...



Here he is at the last olympics.


Holy crap. He push pressed that. His feet didn't even leave the floor during his dip under. Holy crap.


I love powerlifting and this will get some middle fingers from powerlifters....but Olympic lifters look so much more sharp and precise in their lifts. There is just no sloppiness to their technique.

Damn, this guy is so bad ass! I'm waiting for someone to chime in criticisizing this guy.


what is this guys name?