Amazing Horse


I was going to post that this video has a NSFW part in it, but the opportune screen-shot before launching the video beat me to it.



Not sure why, but the horseman reminded me of Conan O’brien.

Oh yeah, I saw a cover of this a while ago.

Such a catchy song.

“Shut up woman and get on my horse!”

From the description- “A song about how womens rights have improved as the use of horses for transport has declined. Not kid friendly”. I’ve listened to this at least 5 times now.

This song is fucking amazing.

hmmmmm sweet lemonade, sweet lemonade!

Sort of sounds like The Smiths. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s practically the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!

I don’t know what crack-addled 5-year-old concocted that crazy shit, but I like it!

Wow. Just. Wow… LMFAO



mmm sweet lemonade sweet sweet lemonade!!!


seriously they need to create a genre of music just like this.

[quote]JLu wrote:

I will not get that tune out of my head now…that one is really catchy. More so than Micky Micky you’re so fine.

Hellz yeah

I’ve been singing get on my horse all day, and now narwhals are fucking awesome too.