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Amazing - eEectric Violin


I have been toiling with the idea of learning to play the violin for a while now and during a break did a google search to find out more about electric violins and found this guy...

Ed Alleyne johnson...

I would start making links to all his you tube vids, but I would have to list them all as they are all amazing.

specifically, check out 1) Ultraviolet and 2) Orange .... They are my top two so far... he also covers a ton of mid / late 80's rock songs...

Apparently he carved his violin out of wood with a kitchen knife and made the food pedal board himself...

Completely amazing.....


Outstanding... but I don't buy that he's playing pizzicato and bowing at the same time. This has to be layered (that is to say, much of his live performance is actually pre-recorded.)

E.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvv0lzjQQ8s

I do like what I've heard so far. Very excellent.


Not pre-recorded but instantly recorded with digital delays so everything you hear was played for the first time as you hear it...Ex he sets the pizzacato vamp then hits the delay to loop it indefinitely while he develops the theme...all you have to do is step on the pedal to loop or fade it out. Later on he harmonizes over lines he just played and creates a few entry points for a canon-like effect.


Yeah it's similar to Beardyman and his kaos pads. Sounds kind of cool but I still prefer the sound of a real violin. His violin looks cool and the fact that he carved it out of a piece of wood using a kitchen knife makes him sound psychotic, too bad that wouldn't cut it for a real one.


Ahh... that is quite clever. I should have noticed it had I paid more attention. Thanks!

(As a little bit of an excuse, the Youtube videos have a very low frame rate and are very jerky. Maybe if they had been normal videos I would have seen it. But really I should have picked it up just from listening. Oops.)


Wait so it's not just me seeing them all choppy like that? Anyone know what the deal is and why they're doing that?


If you like electric violin, check out John Luc Ponty.

Old school Violectra at it's finest.


Charlie Bisharat is very good also.


I've just noticed now that this since been a chronic problem using Google Chrome as the browser, but if I try the same thing with IE, Youtube videos play fine.