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Amazing Educational Resource

Not many things get me super excited, but this is one of them. A colleague of mine sent me a link to this Dutch website that covers all forms of ergogenic aids. The website doesn’t sell supplements or host a forum. It is just a group of biochemists who post news articles, literary reviews, papers, etc. on methods performance enhancement. We’re talking fish oil and caffeine to steroids to gene doping. Yeah, it’s that good.

To top it off–the best part–they created a sort of online book about biochemistry and steroids. It is quite possibly the most complete singe resource on the subject I have come across. It comes complete with pictures and references. I have years of university level general, organic, and biochemistry, and even specific biochemistry of exercise, along with years of personal research and application. If I were to sum all that up in a very well written, technically sound research document, that would cover about 90% of the material here. It really is that good.

Anyway, on to the goods! It is in Dutch, so I used Google to translate the main website. The “book” has a really good English translation already.

Original site in Dutch

Original site translated into English|en&u=http://www.ergogenics.org/index.html

The “book”

If we all read the “book” in its entirety it could really elicit some deep discussions. Either that or we’d already know so much we wouldn’t need to discuss anything anymore.


Of course as soon as I finally get into “Steroid Nation” something like this goes and pulls me out.

Damn you, Schwarzenegger, for being such a great guy and giving this to us. Damn you to hell.

I honestly thought about keeping it to myself. Muhahaha!

Even though a lot of people here won’t understand a lot of this stuff, it’s a great resource nonetheless.

I also heard Steroid Nation was garbage by some people who have read it. I didn’t read the article here on it yet, but let me know what you think, or anyone else let me know for that matter.

It’s helpful for me, considering I missed the hayday of steroid use. It’s more of a history lesson for me than anything else (don’t mean to make you feel ancient Schwarzy, it just happens).

As for technical knowledge, it’s seriously lacking. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great read, at least I think it is, but it’s been watered down for the average reader.

EDIT: My mistake. I meant that “Steroid Nation” was a good read, albeit a bit watered down; not the website.

I’m not saying the website is super duper great, but it’s a good resource. It’s updated regularly and covers a wide range of topics. The “book” is good though. It’s not super technical, but most good writing is easily understandable by the lay reader while also being technically sound, which it is. There isn’t anything that isn’t covered that doesn’t apply to steroids, at least from the ten minutes of so I spent skimming over it. The latter chapters are much more technical, as the material is much more difficult, or applied I guess. The first couple chapters are just primer. Overall I think it is quite comprehensive.

I’m having trouble accessing the links. I can get the second site you listed in english but every link from there comes up as an error? I’ll keep trying.

Haven’t checked out the book yet. Is it easy to understand? I don’t have the education that you got, but I got an A biology 101. Unfortunately that was 14 years ago:( Maybe they have Cliffnotes.

Some books on steroids are just way the hell over my head, but they were really written for doctors.

Awesome link! I haven’t taken any chemistry since I was 16, and no biology since I was 14, but it still seems reasonably accessible. Shit, I should sit in on an o-chem course.

Checked the book, and you don’t need a PHd in endocrinology to understand it. Cool.

Just took a quick peek, looks awesome. Perfect timing too, I was just about to make a post asking for some interesting resources.


Speaking of this kind of material, has anyone read the “Laymens Guides” by Mick Hart?

I believe there are three books in total. A guy at the gym told me he had bought the third one and it was pretty good, but when I checked the site, it seems less technical and reads like a lads mag (I’m not saying this is a bad thing). Just wondered if anyone knew about them??

Good post Swartz… I’ll defo add this to my much needed reading pile!!

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Is his dickness a regular occurrence?

I thought it may be a good read as he writes in a down to earth style, but if the content is a pile of chuff, I wont bother.

Who the fuck is Mick Hart? Google just bought up some info on his Layman’s Guides and some connection wiht NFL, MLB, etc.

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I always worry that “books” like this will go offline before I get a chance to finish. I’ll echo what everyone else is saying about it being pretty accessible and love that it’s free…

Nice find, Schwartz. Pat on the back to you. See, sometimes the internet isn’t completely about porn…

I haven’t looked yet I’m not much of a reader does it have pictures in it?

Joking god im funyy…

Nice one Swartz im going to copy and paste every page and print, this will make good batroom reading, I better just remember to hide it in case my mum goes to take a shit when she visits.


I have cut and pasted it and removed all the adverts

I have the whole article plus the extra one at the bottom on a word doc. down to 86 pages.

if you want it in this format PM me and I will send it to you, save you the hassle of all that cutting and pasting again.

Hey Bushy from reading this entire article I can now conclude with some authority that Sustanon and deca cycles are technically fucking great :slight_smile:

Yeah I gotta agree with the Mick Hart opinion posted by Bushy. UGL’s, even with the recent problems, are keeping steroids both attainable and fairly priced. I cant imagine what a amp of test would go for without the UGL population.

He is also pretty famous for jumping to conclusions, using the “protection of the public” persona as his defence. At the same time it is good to have a watchdog orginization of sorts.

Hart is a tad over the top (and uses the word fuck a lot…) But has anyone read his advice and cycles? Apart from being OTT on the UGL thing, is any of his stuff really worth a read? I read he really pissed off Arnie once, which just isn’t right!

Orginal post is good shite though - Schwarz - are you a walking text book or what… Fooking brilliant!

I don’t want to hijack the thread with this Mick Hart stuff, but my mate (Oh OK we went halves I was 50% a muppet too) paid for ‘the Chris report’ and it was really shite and unhelpfull, he was supposed to get 1 free qustion to Mick as well but he never got it, from then on we don’t read anything from old Harty bollox