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Amazing Core/Upper Body Strength

One of the most incredible displays of upper body strength I have ever seen. This is the definition of form and function.


That’s fucking sick. The fingertip pushups with legs in the air at the end wasn’t even the hardest thing he did.

This has to be at least the fifth time this year that video been linked to on here as a new thread.

And I click it everytime and get just as amazed at the dude everytime.

damn… first time i’ve seen it.
any know who’s doing the music ?

You Got Soul Remix by Eric B and Rakim… i love ol school rap :smiley:

His name’s Junior, he’s from the “Most Wanted” crew

For more info on him check::

b-boyjunior dot com

That is some seriously unbelievable shit! First time I’ve seen it and I’m blown away.

Good stuff!

Thats absolutely absurd.