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Amazing Breakfast I Had Today


It fits in great with the AD and i know a lot of people on it are looking for recipes so heres what i had today.

simple omlette recipe

heres what youll need:

1/4 cup hot cherry peppers
4 eggs
1oz chipotle cheese
2 strips bacon

cook the bacon first (however you like it) on a steady medium heat as to not burn the grease

after scrambling the eggs in seperate bowl add it immediately to the SAME pan you cooked the bacon on, the grease really adds to the flavor and makes it a little crisper on the outside of the omlette which is really good, next just add the cheese and peppers, cook, flip, eat enjoy.

if you like spicy foods youll love this.

heres the food stats btw

4 eggs: 280 cals
peppers: 15 cals, 2 carbs
2 strips bacon: 60 cals
1oz cheese: 110 cals 0-1 carb(check your cheese)

total 405 cals, 2-3carbs


sounds good! I rather enjoyed mine too. I have no idea the nutrition info as I went to a local mom and pop mexican resturaunt with the gf.

I had three giant bean, egg and cheese breakfast tacos on home made tortillas with home made salsa over the top.



Yeah when I have the time I always make 4 eggs & bacon with some cheese and a bit of peppers.

Tastes way better than the other option - canned tuna and whey-shake with some EVOO...

As you can tell my diet is AD-ish too, I was on the AD for a long time but I switched back and forth and now I'm on some kind of crossbreed where I carb-up more often but less long.


What the hell kind of bacon are you buying that's only 30 cals per slice?


Arberdeen Farms, on the label it says, serving size: 2 strips, calories per serviing: 60


lol! Turkey? lol...

Yea most things can be made better with the adding of SPICES!
Love it with all forms of chili added to meat or eggs...

Great post