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Amazing Acrobatics


This guy is crazyyyyyyyyyy check it out!!



That dude is no doubt insane but freekin amazing.


that is amazing - he should go to hollywood. but dangerous - nothing much shall go wrong before he ends up in the hospital. and i guess it is not fun being in a hospital in russia.


How many times do I need this pic, lol


Its videos like this that I find truly inspiring. A reminder that there are no limits to human performance. And a reminder of the limits I put on myself.


Amazing, I've seen a clips from a few Frenchman that were also fantastic.

I cant imagine them having healthy knees for a long time, then again what do I know, I'm a desk jockey.


its parkour, a french discipline. the art of fluid movement around the environment you live in.


These are those Cross-fit guys everyone is always bitching about.


Pretty nutty, my manager works at parkour, those guys are certainly all go no show, kinda like the antithesis to modern BB


Eh, not bad but Ive seen better. The kid has more balls than anything really. His vertical looked good but Ive seen better.

The kid is a good example of someone that has incredible genetics and dedication that would make a great athlete if someone would point him towards the nearest gym.

Imagine the shit this kid could pull if he actually started squating and doin some rows and presses. Now that would be impressive.


Don't you find it kind of ironic that you keep reposting that picture?


With the risk of getting that repost thing slapped in my face, I'm gonna post David Belle's video since it was mentioned.


So THAT'S what they mean by "drop jumps"...


Don't get me wrong, I love lifting, but that shit is amazing. I don't believe a 500 pound clean and this guy's tricks are on the same level, but this is amazing and shouldn't be downplayed because his sport is different than yours.




Thanks for posting the links. Awesome stuff.


You sure about that?

Anyhoo, even if I could do it, I don't think I'd have the balls to try a backflip from 10-12 feet up.

Wow, you managed to belittle not one but two different groups of people who have accomplished things that you have not!


Thats pretty fuckin impressive.


Hope this isn't a repost!

Scot Willis!



yes, it's been done. But I'm sure there are worse crimes you could have commited.


That's not scott wills, that's b-boy junior, aka GOD. Scott's a photgrapher that posted the video on his website a long time ago; Junior's the french black guy that pushes the limits of human capability.