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Amazing 17 YO Lifter at Worlds

Armenian Simon Martirosyan is only 17years old.

set a youth world record in the snatch with 183kg at about 30:00

hit a monstrous 213kg clean and jerk at about 1:30.

this kid is only 17! lots of growing and learning technique still to go. one to watch for sure.

Insane lifting

Holy hell, look who it is. Hope you’re doing well, HT.

Yeah, that Armenian kid was impressive. Hopefully he doesn’t wind up peaking too early in his career (or getting popped), his cleans at 220 suggest he’ll be good for more fairly soon. I also hope this thread isn’t the kiss of death for him, last time I remember you starting a thread about somebody it was Lovchev and he just bombed out at worlds a few weeks back haha.

haha, you mean i am like the cover of sports illustrated, once i mention you it is all downhill? lol