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Amazed by Human Body


First of all, if this is in the wrong section, please move it. I thought it fits here. But you never know.

Ok, so time and time again, I keep getting amazed by human body and the way it works. What I mean by that, usually is how everything is interconnected.

Recently I decided to finally go and get a massage in one of those asian massage places. Long story short: when the chick pressed at a certain point on my leg-it was back of my leg just above the knee (semi-membranosus probably?), almost my whole thigh and especially the vastus lateralis muscle tensed up incredibly, and then consequently relaxed completely, and all of the sudden i felt how my blood started rushing to that area.

Then she also massaged my feet, and when she pressed and rolled somewhere around the inner side of my foot, my ass clenched up so much that you would be able to stick a sharpened hair in it.

All I'm trying to say here that I'm amazed with the human body and what is it capable of.
This was just one example from one time.

What amazed you about the human body?

Flame on!


No need to flame. This is why I love bodybuilding and why I majored in biology in college. There is nothing more fascinating to me than how the body can change in response to stress. I have doubled my body weight since I first started lifting....something most would have said was impossible but people do it all of the time. The human body is a work of art on such a level that it makes me wonder how people can believe this all happened by accident.


"It's just some trash blowing in the wind! Do you have any idea how complicated your circulatory system is?"


Right on Prof. X. I don't mean to change this into a God discussion, but there is no way that humans, or even animals could have developed on there own.


This post deserves a big flame.


The body is awesome, yet the mind is a wicked tool in itself


the mind is the more fragile thing because it came last in our evolution
That is why insanity and mental problem are easy to get.


If everyone just PLEASE ignores that post then maybe this thread won't instantly turn into a pile of shit.

I'd be amazed if one day any one person could truly comprehend every aspect of the human bodies function and construction. The complexity is ridiculous, I too have heard of (but not experienced) certain pressure points on the body being used to relax (seemingly) completely unconnected areas. It's pretty cool.




why not?? the human body has been evolving for billions of years, right from the first one cell organism to what man kind is today. Functions which are usless are discarded and the ones which are key to our survival (e.g. adaptation) are kept. nothing miraculus about that.


Well if it's initial bodyweight which me and some others know multiplied by 2 then I'm just fascinated.


Lol, niceee.


I've got to agree with the OP and X on this; the human body is pretty amazing. I've always been fascinated by the intricacies of the human body. The way various organs work together to accomplish specific tasks is incredible. The best thing about studying the human body (or biology in general) is the higher you focus on something, the more intricate it becomes. Understanding how the heart pumps is interesting, but knowing the biochemical processes that stimulate the contractions is even better. Going further than that, the convoluted activity required to simply activate a gene, make RNA, and create the neurotransmitter protein that initiates the cardiac contraction is absolutely astonishing.


Think that is amazing? If "Bodies the Exhibition" then go see it.

Majoring in Ex. Science taught me a great deal about the body, no where near a medical professional, but "Bodies" is great for those who have little/no knowledge of the human body or even for those that have a decent understanding.

What amazed me about the body is 1. how much shit is packed in there, not literally shit 2. and how many veins/arteries/capillaries we actually have


Lol. I may be wrong but I think you read his post in a slightly different
way then he intended...


I'm constantly amazed by how much things in biology just "make sense" and are so interconnected.

It's pretty impressive what millions of years of evolution have done.

I'm still pretty regularly amazed in classes by human biology.


so psychobiology isnt worth the time?


Definitely. I am taking my first college-level biology course right now and it is damn interesting. All we have gone over so far is cell structure/function, proteins, carbohydrates, and a little about lipids. For me, it is hard to fall asleep in that class, even today when I got no more than 6 hours. :frowning:


I didn't misunderstand the meaning of the post, pja, I was simply agreeing with Professor X. I see what you meant though.


I think the fact that out of 6,000,000,000 people, we are all different is the most mind blowing part.

6 billion individuals, all based around the same general blueprint, all varied... Amazing.