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Amateur MMA Fight


Hey guys. This is a video of my first MMA fight. It was an amateur bout so not strikes to the head on the ground and we had to wear shin guards. The video was taken from a friends phone so sorry about the poor quality. I'm the one in the black shorts.


Well done Ethan. Great takedown at the start.

And I liked your friend's commentary, ehehe.


Good job, you worked for it. Congratulations.


Haha yeah my friends are no Goldy or Rogan... "Just keep scooting"


Good job. I understand no strikes to the head on the ground, but why no shin guards?


Better than my friends, they yelled... "TAKE IT TO THE STREETS"

So CSW? You train with Paulson? or Nelson? Or another coach??


I started out training in CSW. I left CSW to follow my coach who opened up his own school under Gracie Barra. While there isn't as much focus on the standup all the Gi training has really tightened up my grappling. However, CSW is a on another level when it comes to leg locks.


This is always i'm something curious, do you think grappling with kimono made your ground game better than if you spent your time all on nogi?

I've stopped rolling with kimono long ago.


I would compare grappling with the gi to doing pull ups with a weighted vest. When the vest comes off pull ups are way easier.


But isn't the same valid for nogi? i mean i've rolled with some guys that were so addicted on using lapels and stalling due to places to grab that once they went to nogi,the transition didn't went that smooth.


Congratulations, Ethan, nicely done!


I'm sure that's true for those who have only trained extensively in the gi. Also, I think it depends on the individuals style and what techniques they prefer( if your only good submissions are with the collar obviously nogi will be difficult).I train with and without the gi regularly so I'm accustomed to both.


Well, to self-counter my argument we have Jacare, Marcelinho Garcia and Demian to prove me wrong.


Haha true but you also gotta take into consideration that they are elite athletes. We have seen many times that top athletes from other sports/arts (wrestling, kickboxing, etc) can successfully make the transition to mma.


Marcelinho didn't, it's a shame he didn't like mma.


To be honest I haven't heard of him. I assumed since you mentioned him with Jacare and Damian he did. Shoulda used google lol


He fought once on k-1 max and was purely grappling till the south korean cut him with an elbow and he lost and that was his brief career.