Hi All. I’ve got a big doubt which has been running around in my mind for so long… A lot of us have a VERY SENDETARY LIFE… If we have in mind eating in order we are going to do in the next 3 hours we would eat only before training. Personally doing it in a different way it suppose to make me gaining fat. So, which will be the right schedule for eating for a amateur bodybuilding playing? Data: working from 8.00 till 18.00, workout since 19.30 till 20.45. what to eat in each meal? Thank you for your help

There are debates about the 3 meal v. many meal plans, but I personally adhere w/ the 5-6 meal goal. Once you start it, it feels natural and you’ll have more energy thru the day. Stay away from carb crashing/high sugar prods and keep it simple.

Don’t know your specific weight, but a variation of the following should do:

630am: Oatmeal, two eggs, OJ or lowfat milk
10am: Yogurt and Peanuts
Lunch: 4-6 oz Fish or poultry, vegetable, and starch
4-5pm: Protein Drink and PB sandwich
6-7pm: 8oz chicken, poultry, or red meat (red only 2 to 3x week), vegetable and/or salad, starch (whole grain rice or pasta)
9pm: Protein drink or shake

Adjust food amount based on weight gain/loss objectives. Look for high protein no fuss foods like boneless chicken breasts (around 50g for 8oz), halibut (about the same), and don’t forget good ole trusty tuna (tuna steaks are great for grilling, if that’s your thing).