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Amateur Biosignature Analysis

I’ve not done any measurements but am certain I have elevated estrogen/ cortisol levels.

My assessment:

triceps is low so T ok
pectoral is higher (aromatising)
hams and quads are v high (too much estrogen)
abs are quite high (cortisol)
superiliac is quite high (insulin)

Anyone care to give me a quick bit of advice in terms of supplements?



Hey man. Im BioSig certified. You cant guess, the readings have to be very precise. For example, 3 mm on the tricep is optimal, 6 mm, not so good. If you’ve done caliper testing before, you know that a 3mm variation can happen pretty easily.
Without knowing the norms, you’re just guessing whether its a good value or not. Also, the measurement has to be taken at an exact location.