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Amanda Peet

Is she not the sexiest female in Hollywood?


You are absolutely right, as far as you are concerned. For me, I beg to differ. Monica Belucci tops my list (for now).

She’s pretty damn hot, but she’s no Jamie Pressly. What an ass.

She’s hot and looked even hotter nekkid in “Whole Nine Yards”. Ah yes, boobies.

I think Salma Hayek is hot as hell though. There’s something about that Mexican Spice that gets me all riled up.

Even though she is only “kind of” in hollywood, check out Aria Giovanni. She is a nude model and possibly porn star though I’m not sure on that. She is gorgeous!

Shoot…I’ll add some names to the list:

Amanda Peet…def hot (she has that girl next door look) along with Sandra Bullock, Katie Holmes, and Mandy Moore. Other hotties include Jennifer Esposito, Jennifer Garner, and Bridget Moynahan (sp?),

I still prefer Ashley Judd.

Jennifer Garner, indeed. She’s another.

Ashley Judd though? She’s a bi#$%. Even if she does support my Cats.

Who’s Amanda Peet?

Nate: see The Whole Nine Yards; Changing Lanes; Identity.

This pic does not do justice though. You gotta see Identity to appreciate her.

I also like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’s around my age, so she is a hottie with a nice bod too.

Also Kelly Brook. She’s an actress from England, and oh my god. Here she is. Soo hot.

Pooh, I graduated from UK and had French (heh) with Ashley. She was all sweetheart then. Hollywood may have changed her, but she was an awesome lady!

And the nunmber one t-woman in my book currently is Eliza Dushku. She’s just got the bod, the breasteses and the attitude.

Ahh, I’ve seen her before. She’s not bad.

But yes, that Jamie Pressley, damn she is quite the hottie if I’ve ever seen one.

And what happened to my Dark Angel Jessica Alba? She got hella Punk’d on MTV…but what happened to her? She’s been MIA! :frowning:

I tried to upload a pic of Kelly Brook, and I guess it wasn’t allowed. Here’s a cleaner one, and I hope it gets uploaded.

Pooh watch what ya say about my Ashley.
Don’t make me!!

To the Ashley lovers: I’m just speaking as a fellow East-Kentuckian. Word around here has it she’s a stuck-up turd.

Oh yeah, my runner-up: Natalie Portman. Maybe I should transfer to Harvard?

I’ve seen two of Peet’s movies, the absolutely hilarious Saving Silvermann, and just saw Identity with my girlfriend on Saturday. Identity is excellent, one of the better movies I’ve seen in quite a while. On top of being hot, she’s also a really good actress, Rolling Stone has a few pages about her this month.


Natalia Portman is definitely hot. Plus she’s got the brains. Ah man, I couldn’t get past the stupidity factor with some girls. If they are dumb as rocks, gotta go be-otch. If I can’t hold a conversation, you’re done, cut, later!!