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Amanda Knox Acquited


Old thread when she was convicted.


Any thoughts from those that thought she was guilty?


I'd hit it.


Well, that goes without saying.

Just lock up your knives.


Knives could add a fun element though... Talk about a conquest. She can be guilty all night and I will acquit her all morning.


Meh, not even GAL worthy. People doing stupid shit in foreign lands gets way too much coverage. Too many problems here that should be the focus. Poverty, economic problems and my failure to bench 400 are more important.


Hide your roommate?


If her and Casey Anthony don't team up to do commercials for a lawfirm or a bail bondsman I'll poop in my hat.


Porn, dude. Think big.


Pretty sure Anthony is moving around the country hiding out. She was in Columbus for a bit. Knox isn't going to garner death threats like Anthony does. Guess whether or not you escape the justice system people aren't down with throwing away the body of your kid in a hefty bag.


I will file this under who gives a shit.


She's even got a good nickname Foxy Noxy.


I admit that it is not nearly as worthy as discussing which is better: Breaking Bad or Dexter. (No contest, Breaking Bad easily wins and anyone who disagrees is an idiot.)

But it is more worthy than discussing silver necklaces.

(If anyone needs to know, I only wear platinum.)

I admit, I don't know much about this case other than the news here tells me she is innocent.


Yeah, everyone knows the more respectful way to dispose of children is in a cardboard box.


Lets all be honest,

Don't you miss the days when cute chicks Went to Jail because they became teachers and gave BJ's to Highschool Freshman.

Now its all just so violent...tear.

edit: can someone find the Boys to men song "Hard to say Goodbye to yesterday" while I look up the BJ Teachers that went to jail...thanks.


clearly idiot means genius here.


Prolly not the best to be partying it up at the club after your kid dies and later claim grief affects everyone differently as well.



Yes someone else to play video response with. This day is shaping up maybe I shall stay sick forever.


Only if by genius, you mean drooling imbecile.


Carrie M. Math Teacher