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Amanda Bynes turns 18


This is in reference to the following t-mag article.


Anyway, as of yesterday Amanda Bynes is legal.

I was looking something up on the Internet Movie Database and noticed her name on the birthdays list yesterday and thought of the above article.


Surgeon General Says:

A babe* like this a day, helps keep jailbait fantasies away.

  • Paula Trickey


True, quite the opposite of jail-bait as she just turned 38. Alas she is also married.


Thanks for the link to that article/thread it was a great trip down memory lane - i'd forgotten about it.


MAG: Yep.

Anyway. Whats marriage <i>really</i> worth nowadays...? Youve got a 50/50 chance she`ll be back on the market... eventually.

Just kidding. ;0)