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AMA: Obesity is a Disease



....and right on the heels of Obamacare, how fucking wonderful.


They're right of course, as diseases are germs that enter your body usually through the nasal passage....they've just redefined "germs" to be donuts and fried chicken and these ones enter through the mouth.


Wouldn't this just be the same thing as smoking a ton of cigs and getting cancer or no.... I am not 100% up to date with Obamacare so I still do not know how it will work....


Great more reasons for the obese people to stay obese. OMG it is a disease I can't help myself. It is not my fault.


obamao care works by the having the public bend over, and then take with no lube from the politicians.

i thought being a disgusting fat body was considered a disability already? or is the fat lobby in dc getting stronger


Well like I said in the PWI thread, if it's based off of BMI, I'm not above milking some dumbass government policy and riding that gravy train for whatever benefits they feel like I "deserve". My BMI is 29.5, so with a trip to Craker Barrel I could be over 30 and classified as like super obese. I have no idea if they'll use BMI to "diagnose" obesity though. Lol sounds funny to talk about diagnosing obesity. "Well sir the results are in. I'm afraid you're really fat."


Thing is BMI is a decent tool for the general population. I know what you're saying about BMI numbers being worthless since it does not account for the ratio of LBM/BF but - no one is diagnosed just by the number alone.

If you're looking at some fat motherfucker with a high BMI, then he's obese. Looking at the individual with high BMI and low BF/lots of LBM - it's obvious at that point.

Clearly, the number alone is meaningless, but coupled with a physical assessment - not so much.


That's the question though isn't it? What test(s) will be used to officially "diagnose" obesity the disease? I'm wondering if they will just use BMI. Probably unlikely, as the medical community is just as aware of its shortcomings as anyone, but I'm curious what methods they'll use. I don't think they've released that information as of yet.


Some funny quotes from the article:

"This will force primary care physicians to address it, even if we don't have a cure for it."
A cure for obesity! LOL! It's called less food, and it's free even if you don't have any health insurance.

"the semantic change may reflect a growing awareness that obesity is not someone's fault"
... speechless. You just keep eating those bon-bons and not exercising honey, it's not your fault.

Look Bauber called it.


I can't imagine they wouldn't have to do some kind of visual assessment, but who knows?


So is Obamacare gonna cover my gym membership or not?


So is this gonna go down like ADHD, where suddenly everyone is now eligible for prescribed meds, bringing tons of $ in through insurance claims?



Funny how the state is always there to provide for you if you're a fucking idiot but god help you if you're a law abiding citizen with their health in check with the occasional accident.

How many societies in history rewarded idiots, criminals and unhealthy pursuits and are still in existence today?

I dont know of any. Looks like the west has very limited time on its hands.


I think it will depend on the doctor, and how much they let the insurance company dictate their practice.

During my doctor shopping a couple years ago, trying to find someone who will work with me, I had one woman completely fuck up my medical history by putting down a bunch of baloney. I'm not (nor was I at the time) the leanest guy in the world, but I can see my toes when I stand up straight, ya know? Well this wonderful woman put "sever obesity" on my chart, and that shit has haunted me ever since.

This woman also lectured me on steroids because I could pull 405, and said that was too much stress for my body and wouldn't treat me if I continued to destroy myself with drugs and lifting unnatural weights.

Worst doctor appointment ever.


We go a step a further and elect them.


There's a new one now: ODD (oppositional defiant disorder).


Only if you join Planet Fitness.


....what a joke


Geez, at what point do we just man up and tell a parent that their child is simply behaving like an asshole? -lol



Come on Stu, its 2013, you know you could never ever treat a special snow flake like that and expect some level of responsibility from a parent or god forbid the unicorn rainbow of a child.

If you said that, you would be diagnosed with UHS (Uncomfortable Honesty Syndrome) and be immediately sent to a re-education camp where you learn to pass out trophies to only the kids that lost to cradle their fragile ego, and learn to talk down to the kids that won so they kids that lost don't feel inferior...