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AM Vs. PM Training

Due to new committments in the evenings, I’m considering doing my training in the mornings, to leave my evenings free, and would be interested to know how other folk out there find intensity training at this time of the day. I’m aware that PM training has preference for convenience sake, though I’m more concerned with any negatives associated with the body’s response to weight training in the morning, taken into account a full day of work ahead of me vs. a full night of sleep. Your thoughts appreciated.

Been doing it for a few years now, and I find it difficult now to work out in the afternoons. My stomach has just gotten used to being empty when I work out. There are days when I reschedule workouts due to sleep considerations, but for the most part it’s just making the decision to do it and following through. Go to bed earlier (and get rid of your TV while you’re at it – it’s probably the one thing that’s eating into your sleep time more than anything else). For me, the early AM is the only time that works, so I make it a priority to get the workout done before any one else is awake in the house.

I think it’s really an individual thing. I’m a morning person so I’m up and ready to go every morning. I’ve never used an alarm clock in my life, just seem to wake up at the exact same time every morning. I’m rested and motivated mentally in the morning. If I waited till later life would get in the way and tend to distract me from weight training. So I definitely prefer AM training, plus I feel pumped and ready to go work after I’m done.

I am definitely not a morning person, but due to work-related pressures, I switched to an a.m. workout schedule back in 1991. For me, getting used to waking up that early (I was getting up at 4:30) was the most difficult aspect. At times, it is still the most difficult aspect. As far as the quality of the workout, I prefer mornings. I am well-rested and get psyched up to get into the gym. Every now and then I will throw in an evening workout, and there is no difference in strength between morning and evening. In my opinion, the best things about the morning workouts are (1) it is MY time that nobody can take away from me (unlike trying to go in the evenings which can be derailed due to late meetings/other work responsibilities, family obligations or social obligations) and (2) I feel great when I get to work. In the morning, I am ready to go. Everyone else is still somewhat groggy. There are a couple other things I have noticed as well. First, the gym is usually less crowded, so you can do super and tri-sets without messing up anybody else’s workout. Also, the people are usually pretty dedicated and laid back. All in all, I like working out in the a.m. Good luck!

Second everything Maverick said, and just want to add one thing: besides the other advantages of AM training, it feels good going into your work day knowing that no matter how crappy the rest of your day is, by getting a good workout in and staying consistent, you’ve already scored a victory for the day. People at work think I’m psycho, but at the same time ask me how I’ve lost so much weight…

third to mavrick and second to x-man (which one are you? wolverine is already on the board grin) one of the best parts of the morning workout is the empty gym, i am in no way, shape or form a morning person, but when i’m in the gym to box in the evenings it just reinforces why i go in the morning. no lines, no waiting! …and almost no eye candy either, which is a real bummer, but i’ll give up the eye candy in trade for two empty squat racks!

one advantage to early workouts is that you can feed your muscles all day with five or six meals…training at nite does not give you this option, as you may get one, maybe two meals in then fast for 7-8hrs during sleep. In addition, I feel more energetic training 2-3 hrs after awakening. I tried working a 5am shift for awhile last yr and training at 3pm–just had no energy, poor pumps, fatigue, not enough quality sleep. In addition, a man’s T levels are highest in the a.m. Don’t know whether this means more anabolic potential, but I sure know I’m horniest it the morning and sure enjoy scoping out the spandexed hotties in the aerobics class, their boobs a jiggling…

It is great if you getup early enough to wake up before you workout. I was getting up at 5 and 5:01 on the treadmill warming up. NOT GOOD. Take at least 1/2 hour to visualize and focus on your workout before you do it. Good luck.