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AM vs PM: Lifting and Energy Level

Greetings to all, and thanks in advance for some feedback.

Background: A recent new addition to our family has prompted me to switch my workouts from after work to early morning before work (the wife now gets the post-work gym time). I have noticed a significant difference in my lifting performance since I have made the switch, which I am currently attributing this to the ‘fasted’ lifting (depleted glycogen) versus ‘fueled’ lifting. The decreased performance seems to be only on the heavy compound lifts, and not so much on the secondary muscle movements. I have been doing a pre-workout shake and banana prior to heading to the gym in the mornings, but performance is still seemingly lacking. My diet has not significantly changed in the last two months, if anything it has been cleaned up a little.

Example: Today was a leg day. Prior to the new arrival, I had worked up to a 315 5x5 for squats but today was stuck at 275 5x5 (moving up in weight compromised form). A 40lbs drop in working weight seems to be a significant change for only changing the time of day in which I am working out. Front squats have only dropped 20lbs (to 225) during this transition.

Question: Is there something I may consider adding in my diet at night or first thing in the morning prior to hitting the gym that may help me be better fueled for my workout? OR do I need to become more accustomed to working out in the early morning hours?

Thanks again.

If you dont want to go full blown ANACONDA/Surge Workout Fuel or FINiBARs or Surge Recovery for some carbs pre workout, another option I really like is 2 scoops of whey, 1 cup of dry oats, 1 cup of frozen blueberries blended with ice pre workout. Also, more than likely your CNS isn’t fully “awake” which is why your compound lifts are suffering the most. It may take you a few weeks but you will get used to it. I used to like lifting late afternoons myself and hated the morning. Now I’m up at 4:30 am and lifting at 6 am now due to a job change. Biggest thing you can do though is make sure you’re getting more pre workout carbs than just a banana. It’s also unlikely that your glycogen would be depleted simply from sleeping 8 hours just as a side-note.

Thanks Davinci. I had a hunch my carbs were low and possibly affecting my lifts. I will definately give the additional shake ingredients a shot. I am too cheap to run a full ANACONDA Protocol…at least for now.

I recently had to switch it up too. I eat a half cup of oats about 30 minutes before and it has helped immensely.