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AM/PM Power Cleaning Slit: Critique I.

Okay, since i’m going to be working temp jobs for at least the next couple weeks, I forsee a lot of time on my hands. My basic goal is to get some serious hypertrophy with limited uipment, and maybe lower my resting heart rate at the same time (yeah, sure. I can dream, can’t I?) What I’ve deceided to do is wake up a little early, get an AM session in, then come home, get a PM session in, shower, drink whiskey, hire call girls, and repeat. I’m getting plenty (3000-4000/day) of calories.

My Monday/Wednesday/Friday AM session, for at least the next several weeks, is 7 X 5 power clean and jerk. I want to get an old school powerhouse workout. I have limited equipment: a 300 lbs set of olympic weights, 225 lbs of standard weights, a cheap standard bench, and a pair of adjustable standard dumbbells; so the simpler and more “rack-free” any program is, the better. Right now, I’m using automobile jack stands to rack the cleans.

On MWF, for a PM session, I’ve been toying around with some girlie isolation work:
hack squats, flyes, and lat pullovers for 2-4 sets to near failure. I would normally use pressing and pulling movements, but with the clean and jerk, any multi-joint work seems like I’d wear out my arms and shoulders, because I’m getting a 21 sets of 115 quality reps of pressing and pulling a week…

Or am I? Should I be using presses and pulls in the PM, or would that risk overtraining the delts and shoulders? Are fruh-fruh exercises warranted in this case, to ensure i hit my lats and pecs? Is the PM session strenous enough for it to have an anabolic effect?
here’s the program in another form:

7 X 5 Power Clean and Jerk
2-4 X near/failure
dumbell flies, pullovers, one leg squats or hack squats

AM This is the clean-up session, where I do enough cardio to keep from getting winded walking up the stairs and stretch all the kinks out of me.
10-15’ jump rope
7 X 5 hanging leg raise
7 X 5 full contact twists
10-20’ stretching, mostly for the back, pecs, and hams.

Go ahead, tell me what I’m doing wrong. I realize the 7X5 power cleans will get stale soon, so I’m going to use a different set/rep scheme but I want the clean and jerk as a cornerstone. I might make the wednesday AM session into snatches, but that won’t be for a couple weeks.

Er, that should read “Split,” not “slit.” It’s a joke, I’m just not sure how.